Astrid stands here for almost eight hours: – It’s cold

Astrid stands here for almost eight hours: – It’s cold
Here she stands: How long Astrid Bardal stays in the car in Oslo is a bit uncertain. Most people probably give up after six hours.

Astrid Bartel’s car stopped at 16:00 on Monday. 7.5 hours later she was standing there.

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On Monday, there was heavy snow chaos in Oslo and Baram. This caused a huge traffic jam.

Many vehicles were stranded as a result of the weather and surrounding rescue services had a busy day.

They were too busy to pick up Astrid Purdel’s car.

The car stopped on Maridalsveien near Fredensborg in Oslo on Monday afternoon. She called Viking, but was told it could take up to six hours for a tow truck to arrive.

– The last time I spoke to them, they said priority should be given to major roads, which is enough, Barthal tells VG just before 11.30pm.

The price is high

But you might wonder why Barthol didn’t just go home and get out of the car.

Yes, the explanation is very simple. She says a passing patrolman announced the car could be towed soon. It costs NOK 5,000. She won’t pay.

Bardall says he thought about possible solutions and contacted the Urban Environment Agency, among other things, but found nothing that would guarantee the car wouldn’t be towed.

VG has yet to contact Viking.

Seven long hours

For the past seven hours, Barthol had essentially tried to move. As a result of engine problems, she did not dare to start the engine. It smells like burning, she says.

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– Now it’s colder inside the car than outside. Now I walk a bit back and forth on the roads here to keep warm.

Passers-by have also helped Barthal.

– It was a nice young couple who wondered if they could help. They gave me a cup of coffee and a sandwich. At least there was some food.

She didn’t know how long Barthal would stay in the car. She begins to understand that rescue will not come soon enough and thinks of contacting the police.

– I want to ask what I should do. Soon I can’t stand here because it’s too cold. Either I stay here and hope the car doesn’t get towed or I get out and pay the NOK 5,000 quickly. Barthal says he doesn’t know what to do.

At 23:50, Barthal threw in the towel and asked a friend to pick her up. So the question is whether the tow truck or the car salvagers will come first.

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