Birgit Tings, Johnny Fasback | Police found 300 pairs of women’s shoes in Johnny Fasback’s home

Birgit Tings, Johnny Fasback |  Police found 300 pairs of women's shoes in Johnny Fasback's home

Haugesund (Netavisin): The third week of the trial began at the Haugaland and Sunnhordland County Court on Monday Where Johnny Fassback is accused of killing Birgit Tings The night of May 6, 1995 (see factbox below).

Here you get live updates from the court in NetTAVISEN LIVE STUDIO.

The 52-year-old has been in the limelight since the 1990s and has been questioned several times. In the first place, he was cross-examined as a witness and a so-called status candidate. But on September 1 of last year, he was arrested and charged with murder after police found DNA believed to belong to the accused Karmic man.

For 27 years, Fassback denied any connection to the murder.

Facts about the Birgit Tings case

Sources: NTB and Nettavisen

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I found women’s shoes in the bedroom

On Monday, a number of former police officers were in the witness box to explain how to handle the crime scene and the location of the discovery shortly after Birgit Tings was found dead.

On Tuesday, a new witness came forward, Sur West Police District Crime Technician Christine Land. This day passes behind closed doors due to the amount of detail being documented from the crime scene, including close-ups of Birgitte performing the dead and severely wounded man.

During his explanation, forensic technician Løland went through, among other things, the extensive seizures that occurred in Johny Vassbakk during his investigation.

Photographs shown in court documented the discovery of a large number of pairs of women’s shoes in his bedroom.

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– An estimated 300 pairs of women’s shoes were found in the defendant’s home, Løland said.

The pictures showed a large collection of different women’s shoes in the drawer and in the closet. The discovery of a large number has also been documented «Bailey» cartoon magazines.

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Convicted of theft several times

Faspack theft of women’s shoes and clothing has previously been the subject of legal proceedings. In the 1990s and 2000s, he was convicted several times of stealing shoes and clothes from various ladies.

He eventually stopped doing so when he realized how his actions affected the women who were humiliated in these cases.

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In 2004, he was approached by two detectives after he was arrested again for stealing women’s clothing. They gave him revelation.

– It occurred to me, I thought about it a lot. On my part, it somehow happened … On my part, it felt underestimated. I wish there was a lot I dealt with earlier, Fasback explained earlier during the trial, and burst into tears.

– He would have saved me a lot of nonsense, he continued crying loudly.

In the past, Vassbakk has been well questioned about buying Underwear for young girls when he was 24-25 years oldformer judges and criminal histories, driving styles, and that he picked hitchhikers, mostly young girls because they were usually the ones hitchhiking in the mid-1990s.

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Also read: Johnny Fasback used a fake Facebook profile and downloaded photos of a young woman

Faspac has already been on trial Regrets previous incidents of violence against women and exposure to children and adolescent girls.

Earlier, Fassback explained in court why he stole women’s shoes.

– It was very embarrassing for me to go and buy. Then it turned out this way. After my wake-up call to detectives in 2004, I bought. At first I bought it in the store, and gradually it was bought by Facebook sale pages and online ads.

– Was he here in Haugalandet or in all of Norway? defender Stian Christensen asked when Fassback clarified himself two weeks ago.

– was mostly in Haugalandet.

– Did I work under your name?

– number. The reason is the fear of talking about him and hanging, so he replied, so I will precede you.

In court, the crime technologist Lowland also said that the police suspected him of having secret rooms in his home in Karmoy.

Conclusions of interest in the case were not reached through the 3D scan of his belongings conducted by the police. While explaining, Løland said that holographic set scans have been carried out to Kripos hoping to find traces where they can tell if secret rooms were made in the walls.

In addition to Vassbakk’s home, a 3-D scan of his garage and boathouse was done. Nothing interesting was found here either.

He did not respond to Tengs’ photos

A large number of crime scene photographs, including those of the murdered Birgit Tings, were also shown in court. Close-ups of her are also shown, as it turns out she is badly injured.

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Many in court frowned when the photos were shown, and the lawyer for Birgit Teng’s parents, Eric Lea, also looked sad when the powerful photos were shown.

It was a local farmer who found Birgit between 09:00 and 09:30 on May 6, 1995. He explained in court It was so terrible it required the police to sound the full disaster alarm.

The indictment describes a grave act of violence committed against Birgit Tings:

«On the night of Saturday 6 May 1995, in and near Çamlı Sundvig in Karmoy, he strangled Birgit Tings and repeatedly hit her in the head with a rock or with a hammer. She has suffered a slew of injuries, including a broken jaw, extensive skull fractures, and extensive traumatic brain injury. She died of a head injury.»

But Fasbak didn’t pull a mine. He watched the pictures on the projection screen in front of him, but he sat with the same nonchalant expression he had mostly sat on during the entire trial so far.

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