Bjork (78) and Kjell (85) grandchildren were fiancees – V.G.

Bjork (78) and Kjell (85) grandchildren were fiancees - V.G.
Not too old: Bjork Elizabeth Oytna (78) and Kel Cowland (85) were married on October 15.

On October 15, Kjell Kowland (85) and Bjork Elisabeth Oytna (78) from the municipality of Lingdal got married. Kjell says that when she became a widow, she was very low-key, but after she met Bjork, everything changed.

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At Grindheim Church in Agder County, the two said their yes to each other.

– It was strong in the church, Kjell tells VG.

– It is very “sporty”. Are you young at heart?

– We both feel better. Yes, we are very young at heart, replied Cajal.

Lyndall Newspaper He also mentioned that

– An important part of life

Bjork’s son, 85, says he was a priest at the time of the wedding and they had grandchildren as groomsmen.

– One of them said he was actually looking forward to getting married, but he didn’t think the first thing would be being a grandfather, says Cjell.

Kjell and Bjørg are now living together and have been a couple for a year. Before this, Kjell had been a widow for a year, and Bjørg had been alone for more than 20 years, Kjell says.

– I was very tired when I was alone, I had no close relatives near me – all the children lived far away. It was fine in the end. It’s an important part of life, says Kjell.

Celebrated twice

After the wedding, Kjell and Bjørg celebrated with around 65 guests. A week later, the pension association of which Kjell is president wanted to give the newlyweds a little extra. They threw another wedding party!

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– We thought well of it. “We got a lot of good words along the way — they thought we’d found each other,” Kjell says.

– KJEL President, I am an active member of Pensioners Association. Not suitable for all single people out there like we are married, but it is highly recommended for those who are single. Having someone you can talk to is incredibly good, Bjork tells Lingdalsavis.

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