Bjørnar Moxnes must be given time to stay in the care room – Dagsavisen

Bjørnar Moxnes must be given time to stay in the care room – Dagsavisen

The Central Council in Rødt allowed the personal considerations of a suspended leader to outweigh the fortunes of the party when prominent party secretaries chose to express their continued confidence in Bjornar Moxens.

On Monday, it was the right decision. The Central Council chose to take an interest in a person’s spiritual life rather than show panicked political action.

The opposite conclusion would have hit the ailing Moxnes so badly that it would have been too risky. In red is the term Comrades A word that means something. Last week, the other party leaders acted more as defense attorneys for Rudet’s leader than as slick politicians.

It does not provide grounds to continue as the leader of the party, but to stand upright as a human being

They are criticized for it, but the main character has been given the necessary time to enter the spiritual care room. there is a need. It’s hard to find mitigating circumstances for what Moxnes did.

Even in secular Norway, strong feelings are mobilized when a prominent politician deliberately breaks several of the Ten Commandments at the same time. It gives added strength that there’s a notable whiner about the greed of others who’s now caught up in his pants.

For heavy religious concepts, not only the Ten Commandments should be highlighted. Care of the soul is an ancient Christian expression. The Great Norwegian Lexicon states, “Spiritual care is the care of a person’s spiritual well-being.”

It further states that “Soul care aims to relieve emotional pain and mental stress by allowing the person to share their thoughts, longings, dreams, despair and doubts in a mutually respectful dialogue aimed at clarifying and empowering choices.”

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One of the most important things that happen in a spiritual care room is the rebuilding process. It is not about belittling the person’s actions, but rather the caregiver should try to convince the person seeking help to understand that: “You are a more valuable human being than your worst behaviour.”

It does not provide grounds to continue as the leader of the party, but to stand upright as a human being.

This is only part of the process. The goal of pastoral care is to “clarify and enable choices.” I would be surprised if Bjornar Moxsens chooses to fight for his leadership position. The penetration is very significant, and we now see that a central politician in Rødt such as Sofie Marhaug is beginning to lose faith in its leader. “For me, it hasn’t gone away, but it’s weak,” she told NRK on Wednesday.

In the situation that has arisen, it is also necessary to say a few words about the role of the press. It is by its very nature advocating quick effects of moral breach.

Here it is worth hearing the cautionary note from General Secretary Ellen Flueberghagen of the Norwegian Press Association. When you urge caution in further coverage of the Moxnes case, there is something left unsaid between the lines: remember Tore Tønne.

The Secretary General must have read with renewed interest the report prepared by the Syndicate of Journalists after the suicide of the former minister on December 20, 2002. The conclusion in the report was clear: the public pressure was too great, including the media pressure.

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This kind of reporting is done because journalists and editors will learn something from it even after 20 years. The ability to self-soothe is an important characteristic.

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