Bob:- This hairstyle is very popular again:

Bob:- This hairstyle is very popular again:

HOne of our most classic hair extensions is super sexy again. 2024 is already expected to be a big year for Bob. This stylish hairstyle will make a trend image in a number of different looks, most likely in hair of different textures.

Hair expert Aisha Hisawi, creative director at Nikita Hair, isn't surprised by the “eternal” – at least constantly recurring – popularity of bob hair.

– She points out that there is a little joy and something special about being able to cut your hair, and suddenly have a completely different expression.

Aisha Al-Hasawi. Image: upload
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-This is very sensitive

However, it's not just about kick or change, pop retains its classic status. There are good reasons why pop comes back in different forms year after year, believes Haysawy.

– The bob has a unique feature that highlights the facial features. If a celebrity cuts a bob cut, then yes, there will be a new wave of bob cuts. Clearly, there's a bob for everyone, she says.

Additionally, the bob has a feminine and liberated background, historically speaking — cutting off the typical long hair, she adds.

There's no doubt that you'll see many different forms of pop in 2024, but there's still one form in particular that's expected to be the most exciting. Have you heard of Mushroom Bob?

– This bob trend is very subtle – both in terms of volume and the right length, says Haysawi.

The Mushroom Bob should be airy, voluminous and slightly A-shaped.

-You will get a lot of effect from this hairstyle. It frames the face in a soft and feminine way. Plus, it's easy to style because it's airy and has full lengths, explains Haysawi.

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She confirms that this modern hairstyle suits all hair types.

-But if you have thick hair, it may be a good idea to soften your hair a little using hidden cutting techniques. Then it will be easier for you when it comes to design and durability, advises Hisoy.

-He has a lot to say about appearance

Having said that, it's not always easy to dare to throw yourself into a completely new look, whether it's trendy or not. In addition, most of us probably knew that it is not always easy to maintain the magic that the hairdresser has created in our hair while sitting in the hairdresser's chair.

Fortunately, Hisawy has some expert pop tips. You should think about certain things in advance.

-You can think about your face shape, what you think suits your features and hair texture. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy will determine the expression, she says.

– Some hairstyles also require more care and maintenance, so think about how much time you want to spend styling your hair. She points out that there's a lot to say about whether or not you enjoy the look.

When choosing a hair type, you can get personalized help from your hairstylist — but when you're standing at home in the bathroom, you should have a few good tricks at your fingertips. Specifically, good products and tools.

This applies whether you want volume and wavy hair, or a straight and shiny look, confirms Haysawy.

She believes that having good equipment is a good investment when you first get your bob. A good hair dryer, a round brush, a hot air brush, or hair tongs are tools she highlights as examples.

– We recommend using a hot air brush if you want to get the drying effect easily at home.

-You can also learn how to treat your natural hair and let it air dry. Ask your hairstylist for tips on which style works best for you and your daily life!

When it comes to products, Hisoy believes that you should primarily adapt them to your needs.

– Remember it's always a good idea to have a good hair treatment, leave in and heat protection.

Marthe suffers from dry skin in the winter: - This is good for me

Marthe suffers from dry skin in the winter: – This is good for me

However, she can advise on several pop favorites:

– A good hair mousse to add volume and shine, such as Eleni Foam and Cress Fibers. For more volume, I recommend Kevin Murphy's Body Builder, she notes.

– Two products that I think are good for more texture are Kevin Murphy's Touchable Spray, which is a wax spray, and Eleni and Chris's Sea Salt Spray.

Photo: @oyunnkrogh/Instagram

Photo: @oyunnkrogh/Instagram
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-There's a bob for everyone

However, it is not about volume, air and texture. Both Hisawy and Trend Picture completely agree that you can safely pick and choose from pop expressions in the coming seasons. There's so much more to try than The Mushroom Bob!

Hisawy can suggest more favorites. She firmly believes that there is a bob for everyone.

-You can try an Italian bob, which is more playful, but cut straight and stops at the chin. Or a “micro bob,” which is more edgy and stops at the cheekbone, as she describes it.

-And if you have curls, a textured bob is super trendy! By using it, you can well emphasize your natural figure, advises Hisawy.

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