Cameron Diaz: – Transforms after eight years

Cameron Diaz: - Transforms after eight years

Actor Cameron Diaz was (49) He has long been one of the most famous Hollywood starsShe also starred in films such as “There’s Something About Mary”, “The Other Woman” and “Bad Teacher”.

In 2018, I’ve had enough, and retired as an actor. Then she did not play in films for a long time.

Since then, she has lived a much more reclusive life, but has appeared here and there in interviews – mostly to find out why she gave up.

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Now, however, she’s retracted the decision — after an eight-year hiatus, according to CNN.


This week it became known that the 49-year-old did not put his entire career on the shelf, as “all of us” believed. She will be back.

The movie “Annie”, released in 2014, was apparently the actor’s last job on the big screen. At that time, she was playing against singer and actress Jamie Foxx (54).

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Diaz now confirms that Foxx is exactly what made her comeback — in the new Netflix movie “Back in Action.”

“Only Jamie Foxx can get me back in the game. I can hardly wait, it will be so much fun!” she writes of her Instagram story post.

– feel excited

It is not yet known when the movie will be shown, but Foxx recently revealed on Twitter that filming will likely begin later this year.

The whole thing was first revealed by Foxx sharing posts on Twitter and Instagram, where he shared an audio clip of him calling Diaz.

– I feel excited. I don’t know how to do this, do you know? Diaz says in the clip, referring to the fact that she doesn’t know how to come back from “retirement.”

Then NFL player Tom Brady (44) joined the conversation. He won six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, before announcing his retirement. Just weeks later, he confirmed he was on his way back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

– I talked to Jimmy and he said you need some advice on how to get back. I’m relatively good at getting back, laughing in conversation.

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