Carlsen gets his luxury room – Chess file interact with mobile ranking – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Carlsen gets his luxury room – Chess file interact with mobile ranking – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

According to several players NRK spoke to, conditions were pretty flawless during World Championship Blitz and Rapid Chess.

Dutch star Anish Giri also thinks so, who praised the way they play.

Something is still bothering him.

In his private lodge inside Almaty’s “Baluan Sholak Sports Palace,” Magnus Carlsen has free access to his mobile phone between games. Mobile access also has other players, but unlike larger chess in Norway, mobile phones are locked in lockers at some distance from the actual player area.

It’s not perfect. It would have been better if no one could do that – to play the entire tournament without being able to prepare (between matches), Jerry told Chessbase India.

Reply: Anish Giri

Photo: Christian Gregg Sander/NRK

– Only one player can

As in most other chess tournaments, mobile phones are not allowed nearby during games. It is also illegal to bring mobile phones near the playing area.

In Almaty, arrangements have been made for gamers to be able to leave their mobile phones and any other electronic gadgets in loose lockers, located at some distance from the playing and resting areas after games.

It’s a good idea for gamers to look at your mobile phone between games and warm up a bit. Now there is only one player who can do that, Jerry claims.

When asked if he meant Magnus Carlsen, he answered clearly “yes”.

In an answer to NRK, Henrik Carlsen, Magnus Carlsen’s father and manager, wrote about mobile access that “it’s not just Magnus who has access.”

The Norwegian took home the World Cup gold in rapid chess on WednesdayOn Thursday, the hunt to recreate the blitz achievement begins.

– not good

Fide points out to NRK that all players can use their mobile phones between games, and that it’s up to everyone if they choose to do so.

Jerry’s critiques seem to focus mainly on the logistics around them, and accessibility is more difficult for them than for Carlsen.

The aspect that you can get better prepared is not so good, says Dutchman.

Great Russian educator Daniel Dubov hasn’t been harsh in his criticisms, but he admits that mobile access is a challenge.

Daniel Duboff

Incomprehensible: Dubov has a few problems with Magnus being given a more elaborate treatment than the rest.

Photo: Christian Gregg Sander/NRK

Technically, I could, if I really wanted to (have it). But then I have to go through the security check again, the Russian tells NRK

It takes a long time?

Yes it is. Sometimes, if you finish the lottery early, you can do it. He replies but normally I don’t.

Same rights

It’s nothing new that the biggest stars and world champions get special treatment during tournaments. Carlsen has been assigned a separate room on several occasions during tournaments.

Fedi confirms that this is also the case this time.

Chess room
Photo: Hans Solbakken/NRK

He is always in the spotlight and is under more public pressure than other actors. For his own safety and privacy, the world champion usually has a separate room for important events, writes Fide press agency representative Milan Dnik in a letter to NRK.

When it comes to criticism about access to mobile phone use, Dinic responds as follows:

– The same rules apply to him as the rest of the players. After the round, the player can go to the locker and pick up the phone to check the games, but some people just listen to music to relax. Many players have coaches (outside the playing area) who follow and analyze matches.

Supports treatment

Duboff is fully aware that Carlsen is receiving the treatment he is receiving.

Being Magnus is generally a special thing. It has its pros and cons too. To have one of your own “hall” It is definitely a positive side.

Is it unfair?

This is not unfair. This makes it a bit unbalanced. It has some positives that we don’t, but it goes the other way, too. When I go out, there are five people asking me for pictures that, if Magnus had done that, he would never have been allowed to leave the place, Duboff points out.

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