Ron Gokstad and Øystein Bache:

Ron Gokstad and Øystein Bache:

“Christmas Nuts” with Øystein Bach (62) and Ron Gokstad (64) A meeting point for many families at Christmas. The show, which has been on TV since 1992, is a regular Christmas tradition.

The duo took over the baton in 2011, after Roald Owen He has led the traditional NRK program since its inception in the early 1990s.

Although Bache and Gokstad have been leading the family-friendly program for 11 years, they also have many collaborations to look forward to. Both have had a longer working relationship at NRK, and are perhaps particularly known from comedy shows such as “Egentlig”, “Øystein og meg” and the travel series “Team Bachstad”.

Ron Gokstad also got a statuette of Leonard in 2010 – a year before they took on the honorable task of safely transporting Norwegians to Space Christmas.

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In a new interview with the site Clickthey open up about their friendship, and say they’ve probably seen more of the world together than women who are already married.

He studied law and criminology

Although they have led many travel programs, where the nooks and crannies of the world were shown, there is still a place where they have not yet gained an advantage – due to family circumstances.

– I really want to broadcast from Rome, but we can’t do that because Ron wasn’t there with his wife yet. Austin laughs.

Although the cooperation has spanned several decades, the friendship extends much further. Their paths actually crossed during their studies, as neither of them planned an education or a career path in the entertainment field.

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They studied criminology and law – but it was only when they began working together at a student conference that they chose instead to pursue a career in media and entertainment.aging.

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Then things went from bad to worse for the duo, who then started TV shows like “Egentlig”, “Øystein og meg”, “Akkkurat na” and “Den store klassefesten”.

Close friends: Nut Generals Ron Gokstad and Oystein Pasch.  Photo: Anders Grønneberg

Close friends: Nut Generals Ron Gokstad and Oystein Pasch. Photo: Anders Grønneberg
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Have not argued in 40 years

Although they can now celebrate four full decades as close friends, they admit that the topics they talk about never go out of style, and that their friendship hasn’t been marked by any particular conflicts.

– You can count them on one hand. We have never become friends. We’ve been through situations where we disagreed and had different points of view. It’s usually in stressful situations where we’ve been traveling, but we give up before it gets bad, Gokstad emphasizes.

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Because as a rule, Ron realizes he’s wrong, flirting with Austin.

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