Carsten Warholm, Athletics | Million Dollar Deal with Mom: – A lot of what I think is wrong

Carsten Warholm, Athletics |  Million Dollar Deal with Mom: – A lot of what I think is wrong

In line with his tremendous success on the athletics track, the 28-year-old's income has risen significantly. However, he is not the only one who benefits from the millions that come in annually. Around him, the runner has a small team, all of whom are well compensated for their roles.

Both coach Leif Olav Elness and manager Kristen Haddal is listed as having a multimillion-dollar income on the tax rolls. Warholm proposed many ideas about salaries, but the proponents themselves made it clear that money was not the focus.

– What makes me very happy that my mother is a manager is that the financial rush did not exist before. The usual agent ratio is not there. “There are a lot of things I think are wrong with the agency business in sports, and having my mother as director is in a way our rebellion against her,” Warholm tells Netavicin.

The mother is therefore included with a solid income in the tax rolls as of 2022. It is a compensation that the sports star refers to as fair, in a solution that he believes is much better than if he had to bring in someone from abroad.

– When we have a good year, they get a bonus, like everyone else. I'm so happy that no one is sitting there taking a huge percentage and lacking respect for the effort that Leif and I put in on the training field every day.

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Warholm's mother had been a manager for several years and worked for her son full time. So does the coach, who has been part of Olympic and World Cup gold medal wins in recent years. This is in addition to many world records.

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– I don't consider it just compensation for the work done, but the people we have in the team are an investment for me, and an investment in future income. There are people I couldn't have managed without, and I think they make an effort that no one can replace.

Alness has won the “Coach of the Year” award several times at the Sports Gala. Earlier this year, Warholm himself was forced to participate without receiving an award from one of his biggest supporters, whom he has repeatedly indicated he would not have been able to achieve the success without.

-Liv is so unique, she's been doing this for 40 years. He never had a permanent, suitable job to write home about. He never had good arrangements. He deserves what is happening now, to compensate for his unique knowledge. If not, I don't think he would have been interested in being my long-term coach if I didn't see his efforts as important. Everyone wants to see.

In addition to Alness, mother and manager Christine Hadal also played a major role in her athletic career. She told Nettavisen that it was important for the team around her son to be small and close-knit, but that everyone had clear assignments related to Warholm's career. She describes it as a job she enjoys very much and that she has a comfortable relationship with the economy and the money that comes with it.

– Everyone in the team needs salt in their food. We are on a wonderful journey together, which provides many opportunities in several areas. “We discovered these things along the way, and for my part, I am satisfied with the conditions I have,” she says.

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Comfortable relationship

Among other things, Haddal handles logistics and media inquiries. Warholm's mother says she always stays away from training and planning on this front, because Alness has such tight control over what her son does on a daily basis. Financially, the team brought in Jeddah, a runner, who has good experience as an accountant.

-We have all the work-related stuff that should be there, but other than that, for the stuff between us, it's a very flat structure. Sometimes I'm the boss, then Carsten and sometimes Leif. Everything is very convenient. And then Carsten's grandmother is the one who manages the finances, with the bills and all that. “We keep it close to a few, and we think it's good to have a small team,” Haddal says.

Mom is used to wearing both hats, as a manager and as a mother, but it's not something she thinks about in everyday life.

– I'm mostly at work here. If I had felt a lot of maternal feelings, I don't think I would have been able to do as well as I can if I could keep some distance. But there is a lot of joy and relief when things go their way. When it's all said and done on competition day, I can feel a little of that joy.

This track and field season is very important for Warholm. He first awaits the European Committee in Rome, before the Olympic Games begin in Paris on the eve of July.

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