Youth, social media | Frida got hate on TikTok: – It wasn't a good day

Youth, social media |  Frida got hate on TikTok: – It wasn't a good day

On April 9, Frida Kvanmo posted a post on TikTok talking about her job. She is a PT (Personal Needs) and online coach for people who want to change their lifestyle.

The post contains, among other things, a photo of her.

Opinions about her body poured in in the comments section. “Bro, you fat?”, “Do you support and help people who want to get really heavy” and “Don’t take advice from the cash register” were among the comments below the video.

“I was at work when I got the first comment and then you thought you almost had to expect it, but then it turned out that every time I picked up the phone there were new comments about me being fat,” says Frida Kvanmo to Frameover.

– It wasn't a good day. I didn't feel good.

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– Selecting things that are not there

Kvanmu, who lives in Balangin, says this was the first time she had received so much hate at once, and that it was finally enough.

– I often see similar comments about others. Today I saw that someone else was called to She is skinny, while others were hated for having too many muscles. They mess with things that don't exist. Kavanmo believes that it is everywhere and something needs to be said about it.

Kvanmo has long focused solely on sharing content on Instagram and has recently started sharing on TikTok as well. She has only encountered something like this on TikTok and describes Instagram as a safer app.

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On Tuesday, I posted a response to the comments.

– I've had this on my mind all last week, so my sole guide and I agreed that I would post it for myself and get it out of the system.

Kavanmu says the video received an overwhelming response. Watch the video at the top of the article.

-The shares and likes have absolutely taken off. There are so many people that I have no idea that they share on all platforms. Clearly, a lot of people are recognizing themselves, Kavanmo said Tuesday evening.

Especially on Instagram The commitment is great. At the time of writing this article, the video has received over 20,000 plays, over 700 likes and 270 comments. In addition, messages flow.

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-The best medicine

Kavanmo himself has made a long journey. She suffered from anxiety and depression, had no job and was almost exclusively at home. When she was diagnosed with IBS, it was the beginning of a lifestyle change.

Then she had to start eating lactose- and gluten-free, and she found that she loved continuing to eat.

Kavanmo decided to take charge of his life. At first it was just a matter of getting out of the house for short trips, for example to the store.

Then Kavanmo and her mother began working together at a fitness center – the place where she would find her passion and what would become her job.

It started with about 15 minutes at a time to get used to it and feel safe, but it soon ended. The training center became a haven.

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In the beginning it was all about being thin for Kavanmo, but that's no longer the focus. Now it's about getting healthier and becoming stronger.

– This is important to me. I'd rather focus on the fact that I changed my life. “I'm very keen on exercise and diet being the best medicine,” says Kvanmu.

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Good with more diversity in the industry

In her response video, Kavanmu says, among other things, that she has a completely normal body and wonders why she was judged so harshly.

-I'm very much in favor of people getting what they want. I want to promote positivity and happiness on behalf of others. This video (with response to hate comments, journ.anm.) was not made to show that I lost a bunch of pounds, but because I turned my life into something positive by taking care of my mental and physical health. Physically, I screamed forward.

Although the worst days were not pleasant, Kavanmo had left them behind him now.

– Many of them are children hiding behind anonymous profiles. In fact, I think there are people who have very little knowledge. I can understand people's reaction. I'm not skinny. People are probably used to seeing physical therapists who are lean and muscular, but now there is more diversity in the profession. I think it is good that everyone can choose the coach that they think suits them and their situation, concludes Kavanmo.

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