Caused unrest in Moscow

Caused unrest in Moscow

This week, mysterious pillars of light appeared in the night sky in several places in Russia, including over the capital, Moscow.

It sparked speculation and provoked unrest in Moscow. This independent Russian news site wrote medusa.

– New weapons

Also in Belgorod, near the border with Ukraine, the sky brightened on Tuesday evening.

After the successful Ukrainian lightning attack in northeastern Ukraine, it was in mid-September Reported explosions in the Russian border area. This led the local population and Russian military bloggers to worry that the war would spread to Russian territory.

The graph shows the distribution of known nuclear weapons in the world. Russia and NATO together have more than 90 percent of the weapons. Countries such as China, Pakistan, India, Israel and North Korea control the remaining 10 percent.

When mysterious lights were seen in the night sky on Tuesday, flashes of light were quickly associated with war.

– Military blogger Andrei Rudenko wrote on Telegram, according to Medusa, today, the latest weapons of the Russian Federation were used for the first time.

Anonymous accounts on Telegram also claimed that the light came from a Peresvet laser weapon, which should be able to shoot down both planes and satellites.

Denied: Russia's meteorologists have denied rumors that the light has something to do with the war.  Photo: Telegram screenshot

Denied: Russia’s meteorologists have denied rumors that the light has something to do with the war. Photo: Telegram screenshot
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denies rumors

But the country’s meteorological institute dismissed the rumors on Wednesday. The yellow plumes are said to have been a harmless optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight, the moon, or an artificial light source strikes crystals in the air.

It’s been raining recently and it’s humid. So there were probably particles of a certain size in the atmosphere at this moment. Meteorologists RIA Novosti claimed that when light passes through these particles, a light phenomenon is formed.

The light phenomenon in question is also not strange, according to Russian media. Among other things, similar lights are said to have been seen over Moscow in 2015, in the Murmansk region in 2019, in Belgorod in 2020, and over Saint Petersburg as recently as last year.

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