Celebrity Farm, Noah | He was euthanized after a bullying incident: – Absolutely terrible

Celebrity Farm, Noah |  He was euthanized after a bullying incident: – Absolutely terrible

Only one week after the release of “Farmen kendis”, heated discussions have already arisen, and the second week also brings drama.

In Wednesday's episode, the celebrity contestants find themselves having to raise a flag on the farm to ask for help, and it all ends with one of the animals being killed on the farm. There are divided opinions on this matter among the participants – sparking a very passionate and vociferous debate at the 'farmers' farm in Stange.

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It becomes clear in the episode that one of the chickens on the farm is not feeling well and seems to be bothered by the other chickens.

-He was bleeding and hacked for several days. She stood alone, shaking and depressed. It was so terrible, Bahari Viken (30) told Netavsen about the situation with the chicken.

– An evil circle

After raising the flag, a veterinarian visited the tenants and performed euthanasia.

Director and veterinarian at NOAH – for animal rights, Siri Martinsen, tells Nettavisen that pecking at other hens is often a sign of a cramped and unsatisfactory environment – and that it is easier for free-ranging hens to avoid other individuals who do not like working together. with.

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– Therefore, you should give animals more space and a more stimulating environment. But if animals are injured for the first time in a conflict, you should also separate the animals that don't get along and see which ones get along better, she says.

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According to the vet, frustrated birds can take out their frustration on others, and others can quickly peck at wounds and injuries out of curiosity. This can become a vicious cycle.

Noah has on several occasions criticized TV 2's use of animals as entertainment on “The Farm” and “Celebrity Farm”, and has reported them for poor animal husbandry and illegal killing several times.

When Nettavisen asked him whether it was right to euthanize the chicken in this case, Martinsen replied:

– It's not always true. It depends on how severe the damage is and whether it can be treated. I have not seen or examined the animal in question, so I cannot say anything about its curability.

TV 2 press director Jan Peter Dahl told Nettavisen that the production always makes sure there is an animal director present during filming.

The person in charge of the animals is often a farmer with many years of experience raising livestock, and they do their part to make sure those involved take good care of the animals.

– The animal manager trains and guides the participants to ensure that the animals are handled correctly. The animal manager is on the farm every day to make sure the animals are in good condition on the farm, including when it comes to care and feeding, says TV 2's press director.

According to Dahl, it was the animal manager for this year's “Celebrity Farm” season who made the final decision to euthanize the chicken:

– The animal manager also owns the chickens, and she is the one who made the decision to kill the chicken. In addition, there is a production veterinarian available if necessary.

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– He made personal attacks

Many participants formed strong bonds with the animals on the farm, and in particular, Viken and Emma Ellingsen (22) felt that killing an animal was painful.

But the sad situation was not any easier for the participants of the “Farm” when a heated argument broke out on the farm after a comment from Christian Brynhovd (25).

-Emma and I were so sorry about that chicken, but Christian had to struggle a little with how to eat it and everything with proteins. Which is no different, but then I felt the need to say something. “I didn't want to see this on TV, and I regret not saying anything,” Viken says.

She says things escalated quickly, and she felt Brynhovd criticized her character. Among other things, he said in the episode that Viken has no personality.

-He used a lot of personal attacks and attacked me about my character. Then I felt like it came out of the blue, so personal, and it was a sudden shift from us already being friends. I've never argued with my friends before, and I've never been attacked like that before.

Lays flat

This is not the first time that a tense atmosphere has prevailed between Viken and Brynhovd, as in previous episodes he directed harsh criticism at the 30-year-old. Among other things, it was decisive when Viken was a top farmer in the first week.

He told Nettavisen that he tested the other participants further What he is accustomed to and which does not suit him.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t feel guilty,” he says.

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– I'm used to people being very direct with each other, but inside the farm, I think a lot of people were very nice to each other. He adds: “I think that would be very unnatural.”

However, later, Brynhovd realized that the explosion was unnecessary, and apologized to Viken.

– There was no need for me, and I said sorry after that. I was angry, he says.

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