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FINEART OSLO (Nettavisen): Odd Nerdrum, one of Norway’s most important and famous artists, opened his first major solo exhibition on Thursday night after 1998. Within two hours, 1,500 people had arrived – but the artist did it himself. Not shown.

On the other hand, his son de Nerdrum told about the background of his father not attending the opening of the so-called exhibition “You see we are blind”.

– I’m afraid my dad has a cold. I can recognize it. People are so scared. From a distance, de Nerdrum explains to Nettavisen.

Watch Öde Nerdum say more in the video below:


Christian Ringness spoke before the opening of the exhibition, where the speaker stored many good stories about the energetic and non-existent artist.

– I have loved Nertram’s paintings since I was a teenager, he told Ringnes Netavicen.

As mentioned earlier, there are more than 60 paintings in the exhibition, all but four of which are for sale because they are privately owned by Nertram. One of those who considered buying one or more works was Ringness, but he was very secretive about what it was.

– I can not say what my favorite here is because I hope I will buy it myself, says Ringness, who already has more nerd paintings than he can control.

The cheapest painting in the exhibition costs NOK 350,000 and the most expensive NOK 6 million, according to Fineart Nettavisen.

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The Fineart Gallery delights in displaying over 60 paintings by Nertram. More than 1500 art enthusiasts also viewed the paintings.

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– It’s absolutely huge, it’s worthy of Od Nertrum. You’re always a little excited about whether people will come, but we’re sure it would go well in this case, says Rolf Stownem, general manager of Fineart.

What do you think about not meeting the artist?

– I wish Ode had been happy to attend the opening ceremony today. But unfortunately this is completely unexpected and I know what Ode thinks about events like this. I have a lot of understanding and respect for that, Stownem concludes.

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