Children of Gaza who were killed while playing: – Torn into pieces

Children of Gaza who were killed while playing: – Torn into pieces

Children played on the foosball table. Then they are killed in an Israeli attack. Photo: private

“Every day, every moment we feel sad,” Ali, who lost his family members in the attack, tells VG.

VG warns against strong images in this case.

The first seconds after the explosion are chaotic.

A video clip shows passers-by running towards the place, while a cloud of dust still hangs in the air. Women, children and men scream in fear.

Four children lying around a football table, killed instantly. Eyes still open.

Among them is 11-year-old Shahad. She wears pink pants, a blue shirt with flowers, and a colorful necklace.

Shahad screamed, my love, as her lifeless body was lifted.

Shahd, 11 years old, was among the dead. Photo: private

The attack occurred Tuesday evening.

witnesses, Al Jazeera Palestinian media reported that the deadly attack came from an Israeli drone, targeting the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. News agencies AFP, AP and EPA also reported that the attack was Israeli.

«She loved to have fun, play and dress up»

Ali on the authority of Shahd

The explosion occurred in the middle of a crowded street that children had turned into a playground.

Ali lost five members of his family in the attack.

The family agreed to VG showing photos of the dead.

The family mourns the death of 11-year-old Shahad. Photo: Muhammad Sabir/EPA/NTB

The Israeli army will not comment

Palestinian health authorities reported that 14 people were killed, including eight children.

The reason for the attack is unclear.

As stated by the Israeli army itself They attacked “40 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip” on Tuesday.

VG asked the Israeli Defense why it attacked this area full of children, but the Israeli Defense Forces did not want to comment on the incident.

Ali works for an international relief organization and his extended family lives near where the attack occurred.

– My mother, father, and brothers just survived the explosion. The explosion occurred in a street where children were gathering and playing.

– He says it's very sad.

This is what the first seconds after the attack looked like. VG warns against strong images:

Children torn apart at play is a cruel new chapter in this brutal war. Those responsible for these criminal acts must be held accountable, and a permanent ceasefire must be reached, Save the Children Director Xavier Joubert said in a statement after the incident.

One thing Ali regrets in particular is that he was not able to help Shahad with his music lessons.

– Her father asked me about this, because she loves music and wants to learn an instrument. This is what I blame myself for the most.

Palestinian health authorities reports indicate that 33,000 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, most of them women and children. 1,450 Israelis have been killed since October 7.

The Israeli electronic newspaper revealed this month +972 and The Guardian Israel is using artificial intelligence to select bomb targets in Gaza, with major civilian consequences.

According to what was revealed, Israeli army guidelines allow it to kill up to 100 civilians to get to a senior Hamas leader.

If the target is at the bottom of the ladder, they allow it 15 to 20 people in accidental damageaccording to The Guardian newspaper.

The IDF stated in response that “the IDF does not launch attacks when the unintended losses resulting from the attack are extremely large compared to the military advantage.”

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