Donald Trump, Joe Biden | Democrats are hoping for this opponent

Donald Trump, Joe Biden |  Democrats are hoping for this opponent

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(Telemark newspaper): Donald Trump, as expected, cleaned the table in Iowa on Tuesday night. Contrary to what one might get the impression reading VG's report Tuesday morning: “We did it” with a photo of former Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The only thing he could do, after betting everything on Iowa, was not finish last.

Trump got about 51 percent, while DeSantis got 21.2 percent and Nikki Haley got 19.1 percent.

They are thus fighting for their right to be the Republican nominee in the presidential election in November. This will be decided, state by state, over the winter and spring, before finally being decided in the summer.

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What many do not seem to understand is that Democrats want Trump as their opponent in November. They want to nominate him as the Republican Party's presidential candidate. Not because they really like Trump, but because they think it is easier to rally sympathizers against him.

Trump has passionate supporters, but clearly far fewer than those who support Democrats. This has been demonstrated in two elections, including the 2016 election, which Trump won. By then, Hillary Clinton had received the most votes at 48.18% to Trump's 46.09%, but Trump had some narrow victories in swing states, putting him in the White House anyway.

In 2020, Trump was crushed. Although he could never admit his great defeat. Joe Biden received 51.31 percent (81,268,924 votes). Trump received 46.86 percent (74,216,154 votes).

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But the point is that in order to mobilize lukewarm, neutral Democrats who are not overly enthusiastic about Joe Biden, they need an “enemy image.” And no one fits that better than Trump, a man who is easy for many to hate.

Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats are settling accounts without a host as they say they are. Whether the hatred against Biden and Democrats is also so great that it could put Trump back in the Oval Office remains to be seen.

I don't think Trump will be elected in November. Free us and protect us from it. But no one can be sure.

Sometimes I wonder if Democrats are smarter. The truth is that they want Republicans to nominate Trump first, before then ensuring that Biden withdraws his nomination and brings in a new nominee. Likewise, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a “young” politician who is almost an embryo by American political standards, is 56 years old.

So the election in November will be between a disgraced Trump and a younger, up-and-coming Democrat. Which they then hope will crush Donald. It is not good to say whether there is an alternative strategy here.

In any case, it would be a tragedy if, in a country of 335 million people, a woefully unsuitable Trump or a frail Biden turned out to be the only ones to choose from.

The problem with this is that America's problems have easily become the world's problems. This in itself is a reason to participate. And a reason to fear the outcome.

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