– Considers sending a snowstorm warning to Westland

– Considers sending a snowstorm warning to Westland

– We are considering sending out a yellow danger warning for ice and sleet across Westland in a couple of hours. Meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid says it will probably apply from Saturday evening.

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The milder weather we have in store for the weekend will lead to some very grueling driving conditions across the county.

– The weather forecaster on duty at 08.30 am on Friday at the Meteorological Center says that a new warning will be issued in two to three hours.

The orange warning will last until Friday afternoon.

Earlier, there was an orange warning of very heavy snow for much of the Westland, which will apply until 4pm on Friday.

Within 24 hours, 20-40 centimeters of snow is expected, mostly in the outer and southern parts of Old Hartland.

Meteorologist Berit Helle measures the snow depth outside the Meteorological Center on Friday morning.

– We are not going to change the Orange Alert. Snowfall has been frequent, with a total of 38cm of snow reported in Florida as of 06.30am this morning. A little windy, which meant we drifted a bit in Bergen and on the coast. Some have even hailed, says Geir Otter Fagerlid.

On Friday morning, the low pressure center is located at Stadt.

– There has been a good amount of rain and all the rain is coming as snow. At Haukedal, a precipitation station near Bolstadøyri, 52.4 centimeters of snow fell in one day. In Kvamskogen, 28.7 centimeters of snow was recorded in the last 24 hours. 23.3 centimeters of snow fell in Bodnen near Forte. At Høyanger, 22.2 centimeters were measured, says Fagerlid.

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It was difficult for Fadumo Osman Adan Salman to walk the sidewalk to Fridalan on Friday morning.

In Sædalen in Bergen, 19.8 centimeters of snow fell in one day.

– There is occasional snowfall and the meteorologist says that two to three centimeters of snow falls quickly during the rains.

Fagerlit, he thinks people have been good.

– I was going out and there were far fewer cars on the roads than usual. Restricting the use of traffic makes it easier for plows to come.

– Remove snow

Fagerlit has the following advice for people in Westland:

– Plow well and remove as much snow as possible before the onset of mild weather and rain. Stormwater can become a problem when the snow melts. Fagerlit says the rain forecast has shifted from Sunday to Monday.

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