China's opponents angry after Amnesty International findings

China's opponents angry after Amnesty International findings

This week, the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei unveiled a new laptop that contains one of the new artificial intelligence chips from the American company Intel.

That prompted Republican lawmakers to criticize the Biden administration on Friday. Reuters writes.

The company has found itself at the center of a heated diplomatic dispute between China and the United States. The Americans claim that the government in Beijing could use Huawei systems installed abroad for spying, which the Chinese government and Huawei strongly oppose.

The United States has banned American companies from doing business with Huawei, and the company's access to data chips and other technology is limited. They are also not allowed to sell their phones to US customers, and are excluded from 5G network development in the US.

US suppliers must therefore apply for a license to deliver goods to Huawei, which is difficult to obtain, before sending goods to the company.

The Trump administration has allowed Intel to send central processors to Huawei since 2020, but many of them have demanded that the Biden administration withdraw this license, Reuters wrote.

On the other hand, China's opponents believe that the unveiling of the new laptop indicates that the US Commerce Department has approved shipments of the new chip, the Core Ultra 9 processor.

“One of the biggest mysteries in Washington, D.C., is why the Commerce Department continues to allow US technology to be sent to Huawei,” Republican Congressman Michael Gallagher, who chairs the House China Committee, said in a statement to Reuters.

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