– This is a dog owner's prayer

– This is a dog owner's prayer

Turid Mjåtveit has already had an unpleasant experience with stray dogs. Now she encourages other dog owners to comply with the leash.

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From April 1, leashes are mandatory in Norway, but not all dog owners comply, says Durrit Mjatveit.

– On Friday, two big dogs ran into the plot here. The owners could not be found, he says.

Mjåtveit was immediately frightened by the herd of deer that stayed daily in the forest outside his home in Blomsterdalen. Also, she and her husband have more than 20 chickens that roam freely on the property.

– We have restrictions for a reason. Not because we should be punished for owning a dog or on behalf of those who are afraid of dogs. It's about taking care of nature and wildlife, says Mjåtveit, who has two border collies.

Mjåtveit says this method went well with both deer and chickens.

This is where deer tend to stay, says Mjåtveit.

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Here deer walk around the construction site

– Do not harm humans or animals

The bond will last till August 20. During this period, dog owners are obliged to be careful and avoid putting the dog in a situation where it could cause damage to people, animals, property or things. Dog Law.

Dog owners should also ensure that their dogs do not cause disturbance to people, animals and the environment.

– My dogs need a lot of exercise and I always make sure to walk them on a leash when needed. Mjåtveit says it's really the dog owner's responsibility to comply with the leash.

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The exception is that he is training a border collie, Ask, to be a service dog for Norwegian rescue dogs.

There are several exceptions to the law, including dogs in active police, customs, military and rescue service.

More than 20 Icelandic chickens roam free in Mjåtveit's plot.  - Years ago someone was taken by another dog, she says.

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Gilt mincemeat may turn brown in the future

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The Nature Conservancy prohibits cutting during the breeding season

A prayer for others

Mjåtveit points out that a lot of nature has been lost in Bergen in recent decades, mostly because of the people who stay in the wildlife area.

– A danger is that stray dogs can spook deer near busy roads and residential areas. Chased deer can also explode, he says.

Mjåtveit believes that if others set a bad example, it will become more difficult to be a dog owner in the future.

– We all have a responsibility with dogs. He says this is my plea to other dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash.

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