Christmas message in words and deeds

Christmas message in words and deeds

Lunch bags for students, warm clothes for schoolchildren, lunch boxes for families with children and Christmas Eve celebrations. The Church of Norway is present all over the country – providing help and support in different ways to people who need a helping hand.

Meals and food boxes are an important part of the church’s social work this Christmas. Photo: Bo Mathisen/Norwegian Church

The Church of Norway has staff, volunteers, and church buildings across the country. Throughout the Christmas period, people are invited to church services and other gatherings. The message of Christmas is preached in words and deeds.

– In times of suffering, human rights violations and war in our surroundings, we need to be reminded that love is in our midst, says Church Council President Christine Gunliksrud-Raum.

Celebrating Christmas at the camp and ferries

A number of congregations have “open Christmas celebrations” which are free to attend to those who wish. Many unite with other organizations to call Christmas celebrations on Christmas Eve. In Sunnmøre, groups team up with a campsite – and in Sandefjord there will be a Christmas celebration on one of the ferries that will be moored. Examples abound.

More and more people are also collecting food, gifts and money, which are distributed through food boxes. In Ukirke in Stavanger, a group of students gathered to pack bags of food to go to other students. At Nordkapp, a fundraiser has already collected more than thirty thousand kroner, in order to give a little extra money to the food boxes before Christmas.

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Cooperates with civil society and the state

The Bakklandet and Lademoen Parish Council in Trondheim saw an urgent need for clothes for schoolchildren from poor families. The NOK 20,000 gift card will go towards the purchase of fleece and warm clothes for children who need it.

The church cooperates with the state and civil society to meet the needs of society. In November, the government gave a staggering four million to the church before Christmas, which the church can quickly give to those who need an extra hand.

– The deacon conveys the message of Christmas through charity, says Church Council President Christine Gunliksrud-Raum.

– Many thanks to all the staff at the church who see, talk, bless and comfort – and provide room and board at the lodge.

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