January 30, 2023


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Colferid Gallery | Art in every room

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one day here Then I followed some friends’ advice to visit Prestegårdsmuseet in Kolvereid.

has not been Big event on a weekday.

Here was the picture And other art on all the walls, and then a tall, slightly older man in a dark coat came in.

Stand forward Very honest in all he said, and though he spoke so much of himself, it was the art he collected that ought to be illuminated, his person being a little in the shadows, in a way, like a blue-dark background, without which he was allowed to assume what he said.

With make-up remover Bindal’s dialect, his message has reached us who have seen and heard it, as direct and easy to understand as can be, with his subtle little hints, like a light sprinkling of spice on a plate of talk about art, people, and history.

I cut a little I formed hastily, and one of them became for me a kind of summary of what I have said so far.

An added bonusThese days, a separate room in the collection is filled with particularly successful watercolors by our well-known painter Knut Høihjelle.

if you want Be in the Kolvereid area and have a certain interest in art and communication, so visit Prestegårdsmuseet one day when self-appointed lecturer Magne Olav Aarsand Brevik is around.

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You do not want that Sorry, I can guarantee you that.