Concert Square in June – Löner Municipality

Concert Square in June – Löner Municipality

The new arena in Harestua was officially opened in October 2022, at the same time the Lunner Municipality assumed ownership of the arena. The square is located next to the new Health and Care Centre.

– I hope this will become an attractive meeting place, a good and interesting place for people of all ages, with space for culture and events, activity and fun, play and stay for the many or the few. Loner’s Mayor, Harald Tyrdall, during the official opening.

The events on the next two Saturdays will fulfill many of these wishes.

Opera party

Saturday 10 June Visitor Operafest Roykenvik Harestua for the first time. There will be a free opera concert in the square at 12.00.

Operafest Røykenvik has its main stage in Røykenvik (Brandbu), but wants to be quite extensive when it comes to the variety of concerts and the use of different concert areas. In recent years, the square’s free concerts have been part of the four-day Opera Festival. This year, Lunner is also included in the concert series.

Summer party in two parts

On Saturday, June 17, there will be a summer party in two sections, one in the square during the day between 12 and 3 p.m., and the other in the old school at ? For the evening event you must have a ticket or be a volunteer. Today’s event is free and open to all.

At the summer party in the square, you will experience the diversity of the municipality’s teams and associations, our companies, entertainment, cake presentation and election campaign opening. Here’s some of what you can try out in the field today:

  • Hadland Janissaries
  • Speech by Harald Tyrdall
  • senior dance
  • Bronze Goat with Pernell Marcus
  • Ukrainian choir
  • Line dance kickers

Consider a folk festival

The Summer Party is organized by Lunner Volunteer Centers and Culture Farm. Mona Hugin, section chief of the Southern Loner Volunteer Center, hopes many people will turn up this Saturday to be a proper folk festival.

– At the summer party, you meet many of the municipality’s teams, associations, political parties, and companies. There is a wide range of things to get involved in here in Loner municipality. Come to the summer party and be surprised by what is there and what volunteer activities it offers, encourages Haugen.

If you would like to volunteer at the summer party during the day, contact the Lunner Volunteer Centers. If you have time to volunteer in the evening, get in touch Kulturbruket Gammelskolen.

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