Concert, Youth Schools | Makes big ball fair for all high schools

Concert, Youth Schools |  Makes big ball fair for all high schools

-In these times, many people are facing difficult times financially. We believe this is an opportunity to contribute to reducing anxiety, says Marion Torp.

She is the FAU leader at Bigby Primary and Secondary School, and one of those who took the initiative to create a large exhibit in the library hall.

This is what you do

  • What you want to sell or rent can be delivered to the Aula Bookstore from 17.00 to 19.00 on 27 November, 28 November and 29 November.
  • On December 10 and January 7, you can come to the same place to buy and rent short and long prom dresses, suits, shirts, shoes, bags and other accessories.
  • It is free to sell/rent.
  • It will be possible to try on clothes and shoes at the exhibition.
  • All pupils in area secondary schools and their parents can buy or rent.
  • Other individuals can also sell/rent.


In recent weeks, parent committees at Begbie School, Godburg Elementary and High School and Burg High School teamed up to plan the prom.

They are the organizers of the fair, but would very much like students at other high schools in the area to participate as well.

– The more people take part, the better, because there will be more to choose from for everyone, say Camilla Sophie Grundvig (15 years old) from Kvernhuset Ongdomskole, Malin Christine Torp (14 years old) from Bigby and Ella Vladpi Hesselberg (14 years old). ) from Bigby.

Open two Sundays

On Sunday, December 10 and Sunday, January 7, high school students looking for dresses, suits, shirts, shoes, bags and other items for their prom can come to the bookstore in Fredrikstad. The hall will then be filled with tulle, glitter and pomp.

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The three students say it is very common to buy used prom clothes.

-But finding what you need for the ball is a bit stressful. If you buy from, for example, you won’t be able to try it on, and you may fear that things you order online won’t arrive in time, says Malin Christine Torp (14), who sits on Bigby’s student council.

The three girls are looking forward to their winter prom.

– The best thing is dressing up with friends and having the same “party vibe,” says Camila.

Formal and festive

And this is exactly the solemn and expectant atmosphere that the gang wants to create at the Fair Ball. The hall with its beautiful chandeliers and walls is the perfect place for such an exhibition.

“We have held several parties here,” says library director Hani Utne.

Photo series

Photo report: School ball with Haugeåsen Ungdomsskole

The municipality makes the building available for free on Sundays.

“Otherwise we would not have had the opportunity to do this,” says Marion Torp.

– We believe that this is a very positive initiative, both in terms of funding, inclusion and environmental awareness, says the library director.

Submission next week

Clothes will be dropped off in the Library Hall from November 27-29, and everything dropped off will be labeled with the vendor/renter’s contact details, as well as other information.

“You are invited to submit a photo of the costume,” say the three high school students.

“We also drafted sales and rental contracts to make sure everything runs safe and secure,” notes Marion Torp.

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More people can sell

Organizers say only high school students and their parents can shop at the fair, but other individuals, for example those who want to sell clothes that were used in a Russian concert, can sell here.

The organizers also allow others who provide football-related services and products to display their offerings at the exhibition. For example, there may be young people putting nails or making jewelry near the school.

Photo series

Photo reportage: School party in Bathhouse scene

There will also be a café at the exhibition, while other details have not yet been fully worked out.

– We would very much love to get help from the local business community. For example, we would like to borrow clothing racks, something that could be used in fitting rooms and perhaps a red carpet and other decorations, says the group, which hopes the ball fair will become an annual tradition.

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