January 27, 2023


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Confirmed: David Datro Fofana is ready for Chelsea

Status updated!

Datro Datro Fofana is ready for Chelsea. TV 2 testing Earlier that the 20-year-old was close to a transfer now from Chelsea has been confirmed.

“It’s probably going to take him some time to get into the squad, but I’m pretty sure today he has qualities that could make a difference in the Premier League,” said TV 2 football expert Jesper Mathisen.

The player’s agent, Atta Aneke, told TV 2 that he was very proud of the record’s transition.

– What can you say? It’s incredibly fun. When I found it in Africa, it was almost a miracle that we made it to Norway, too. Many wanted him, and it was hard. Then it’s very nice when the conversion breaks all previous conversion records by a solid, consistent margin, says Aneke.

TV 2 learns that the transfer gives his generator NOK 130 million. Neither club has confirmed a transfer fee.

The Ivorian player will join The Blues on January 1. Find out why Chelsea secured the talent here:

Fofana has 65 appearances, 24 goals and 10 assists for Molde since joining the club in February 2021, and he achieved a major breakthrough in the 2022 season.

– May many be happy, proud and excited for what is to come!

– A major turnaround on the Norwegian scale

Molde’s director, Ole-Erik Stavrum, told TV 2 that they were very satisfied with the move.

– This is very good! to all parties. I must say so. It’s a great turnaround for both Molde Football Club and Datro itself. It suits us and it suits us. It’s a huge turnaround on a Norwegian scale. We’ve spoken to Chelsea, who knows the boy well.

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What kind of promises did Datro receive from Chelsea regarding playing time?

– I have no idea about that. You almost have to sign Chelsea. It is between the player and the club. But she is well aware of it. I think it will be good for Datro, Stavrum says to TV 2.

Aneke also does not want to say anything about Chelsea’s plan to Fofana.

– I don’t want to say much about it. There was some interest from other clubs as well. Datro talked a lot with Chelsea and he had a good feeling and liked the plan they had for him. He is so happy and can’t wait to get started.

Fofana arrives in London before the New Year. Several British media have written that the striker will now train with Chelsea, before the club decides whether to use or loan him in January. Consistent with TV 2 info.

In a Youtube video that Molde posted this summer, Al Jawhara said he wanted to play for Chelsea one day. Now the dream comes true.

Leaving Norway: David Datro Fofana has swapped Molde’s blue kit for Chelsea’s kit. Photo: Svein Ove Ekornesv├ąg/NTB

– Datroux told me at the end of this here, to the question “Which club do you want to go to?” He wants to go to Chelsea. It is a very popular club in Ivory Coast because of Didier Drogba. It’s Datro’s favorite club.

– completely unique

The previous record holder in Norwegian football was Erik Bothem, who was sold from Bodo/Glimt to Krasnodar for a total of around NOK 100 million.

TV 2 football expert Mathisen isn’t surprised that it was precisely Fofana who broke the record.

– Fofana is a player we’ve never seen before in the Elitsiri League. Yes, we’ve had many good players, but that explosiveness, the X-factor and how he wreaked havoc with defenders is unique, says Matthisen.

Often such agreements are empowered to perform, but pursuant to TV info 2 The agreement means that Molde is guaranteed to receive more than one hundred million crowns regardless of Fofana’s sporting achievements in the future.

80 million of Bothem’s have been secured, according to TV 2’s info.

in a YouTube video Posted by Molde this summer, Fofana reveals he could imagine moving to Chelsea.

– I don’t know why, but I want to play for Chelsea. Fofana said they are a very good team.

Greetings to Mawlid

Fofana scored 13 goals in 22 matches in Molde’s golden season at Alitserene this year. Molde has always been clear that he commands an exorbitantly high sum for the goal-scoring machine.

– His birth must be commended for this. Again, they show the ability to bring in a good player, develop him, make him flourish, make him shine, and then sell him to a major league for a lot of money, Mattisen says.

– There are probably many defenders in Eliteserien who think it’s a good idea to get rid of him in Norwegian football. It was very difficult to stop, continues the football expert.

He doesn’t think Erling Mo’s side will spend a lot of money looking for a replacement.

– Generators have enough money now that they can search all over the world for new and exciting things. I don’t think they will sign a well-known player, but they will try to go the same way with young talent, Mathisen expects.