Consumer News | Andreen was taken to bed by Zalando’s purchases: – Loriri

Consumer News |  Andreen was taken to bed by Zalando’s purchases: – Loriri

– You trick someone into buying something exclusive, but in the end it’s almost just plastic, says Andrine Polen from Jeløy to The newspaper online.

Her daughter was on a class trip to Germany in October and stopped at the Zalando store in Frankfurt. There she bought a sweater marketed as “authentic cashmere.” The price of the jacket has been reduced by 65 percent from €175 to €60.

– Cunning

When the daughter returned to Norway, she took a close look at the washing instructions. Not one percent of a sweater is made of cashmere wool. On the other hand, it was made of 57 percent polyamide and 43 percent viscose.

– It is cunning and deception! My daughter thought this was cashmere.

In addition, Pauline disputes that the product has been discounted by 65 percent.

– Reduced from 175 euros. Then you think you’ve made a big deal. But one begins to wonder if the jacket ever cost that much in the first place. He is very cunning in many ways.

Zalando says they didn’t sell this product like this on purpose. The jacket is sold by Zalando, but they sell products from other brands. Here the jacket itself is from the New Yorker brand, while the Authentic Cashmere tag is another brand. They are investigating what happened. Read their full response below.

-A clear deficiency

Zalando takes full responsibility for the goods they sell, says Consumer Council consumer attorney Nora Weinberg Gloersen.

– Marketing must be correct and reliable, and the products they sell must be of the agreed upon quality, Glorsen tells Nettavisen.

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She points out that cashmere is an exclusive type of goat wool.

Production is low and wool is expensive. If a sweater is labeled with terms such as “genuine cashmere” and “100 percent cashmere,” the consumer should be able to expect to receive a good quality wool sweater. If the jacket instead turns out to be made of polyamide and viscose, this is a clear defect. In this case, the consumer can ask to be sent a new jacket of the appropriate quality, or receive a refund, says Wenneberg Gløersen.

So far in 2023, the Consumer Council has received 49 inquiries from consumers who have had problems with Zalando, says Wenneberg Gløersen.

– Damage to reputation

Marketing expert and lecturer at Christiania-Trond University Blindheim He points out that this is damaging Zalando’s reputation.

– When something goes wrong in a transaction, you tell 10 to 20 people, whereas when you feel good, you don’t tell it any more at all, Blindheim tells Nettavisen.

Contact Pollen Zalando. She was first told that she had to come in person to the store to return the item with the original receipt. It was disposed of, but the trade was listed on the statement.

Finally, after several emails, she was asked to enter her account number.

Zalando Customer Service requests your understanding that due to the quantity of goods, they do not have the opportunity to check the composition of each item.

Nettavisen witnessed the email exchange between Zalando and Pollen.

– There is no connection between the labels

Zalando spokesman in Germany Gilbert Krieger told Nettavisen that the clothing giant has investigated what happened in the trade.

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-Based on our current information, there is no connection between the two marks on the jacket. We are investigating what could be the reason why the two brands ended up with this jacket,” Krieger tells Nettavisen.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that a consumer feels that the product they are purchasing from Zalando has major errors and does not match what was displayed in the product description.

Nettavisen previously mentioned a customer who bought one Karl Lagerfeldt jacket with guess button. My fashion Show a customer who bought Prada sunglasses that turned out to be fake.

– I read between the lines that a previous customer may have taken the real cashmere sweater and sent the viscose/polyamide sweater back. Is this correct?

– This may be the explanation, but we need to investigate this possible scenario more closely.

He emphasizes that all returned goods must be inspected before being sold again. Zalando will investigate the matter further and review its internal procedures as a result of the incident.

I got the money

Zalando says Andrine Pauline got the money back.

-We are sorry to hear about the shopping experience the customer had with us Krieger.

The Consumer Council expects Zalando to take the matter seriously and find out where the error lies.

– The store should also check whether this type of misclassification can apply to multiple products, says Wenneberg Gløersen.

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