Corona reopening | Here, Høie retires the one-meter rule

Corona reopening |  Here, Høie retires the one-meter rule

Once again, Health Minister Bint Hui took out the standard, but this time in a completely different sense.

Today it became clear that Norway Finally to be reopened561 days after implementing the most stringent peacetime measures.

On Saturday at 16.00, the national infection control measures will be removed. This means we can hug, dance and live as usual again.

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During today’s press conference, the Minister of Health announced that the one-meter rule would be removed, highlighting the scale we’ve seen on many occasions before. In the past, the wand brought bad news with it, but not this time.

Last summer, Høie took the governor to a press conference to remind people how long the counter really is.

Although we no longer have to worry about the counter rule, Høie refused to break the ruler.

A lot of people would probably say we should now break it and throw it away. I will not do that. Before he packs nicely the ruler he brought with him, Høie said at Friday’s press conference, I fold it well and take good care of it, because it can be used again.

Høie cannot rule out changes, and will keep the standard further until 2022.


When asked by NTB if it was possible to see a hug or handshake between the two ministers, Høie said:

– No, no handshake, but we can push.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health did not waste time, hugging each other well.

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He confirmed that the two had been able to cuddle with each other for quite some time already because they had been fully vaccinated.

The Prime Minister said it is very good that we can now open Norway again.

The Norwegian people put in a tremendous effort during this period. She said there are many who have reasons to be thankful that we made it happen.

– We wouldn’t have done it without. There are many countries that have done worse. And it’s probably because they can’t get people the same way, she added.

Key points for reopening

The Travel Council, which advises against completely non-essential travel to countries outside the EU/EEA, the UK and Switzerland, will not be extended when it expires on 1 October.

From Saturday 25th September at 4pm, the requirement for table service in restaurants will be lifted and entry will stop at 24pm.

– The requirement to keep a distance of one meter for others other than the one you live with will be cancelled, as of Saturday.

Lifting all restrictions related to events and gatherings.

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