March 23, 2023


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Count Nikolai: – He took his career to new heights

Count Nicholas, 23, is now in his third month without the title of Prince after his grandmother, Queen Margaret, 82, decided last fall to remove the titles of Prince and Princess from Nicholas and his siblings.

Title mess

Among other things, he marked the new title by creating a separate Instagram user, which was open to anyone who wanted to see it. But it’s not just Instagram he’s climbing to new heights, it’s also his modeling career.

You’re going up

A little over five years ago, Count Nikolai first appeared on the catwalk when he was a model for the fashion brand Burberry. Since then, he has held several prestigious modeling jobs, including for Dior and Vogue, According to Danish Se og Hør.

Royal: The adultery scandal involving Countess Alexandra caused a stir in Denmark. Reporter: Caroline Fagel. Video: Nora Skafog. Photo: Facebook/The Danish Royal House, Instagram/@denmarkinfrance, Dan Mariegaard.
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It appears that the Count’s modeling career is only increasing, and that more is on the way. On his Instagram user, he shares, among other things, both private photos from his ski vacation, as well as beautiful model photos.

A big void in the family

A big void in the family

Recently, among other things, he published photos taken for Vogue Czechoslovskia with photographer Eva Wang behind the camera:

International cooperation

So he seems to take his modeling career very seriously, besides being a student at Copenhagen Business School.

Royal: The Dutch Royal Family is making a historic state visit to the Caribbean Islands. Video: Nora Skavhaug / Se og Hør, Instagram / @koninklijkhuis. Photo: NTB.
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photo magazine That is, he confirms that the former prince has obtained cooperation with the international and famous modeling agency Elite in Paris, and that this cooperation is carried out through the 23-year-old Danish modeling agency, Scoop Models, where he worked as a model for the past five years.

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This opens up more opportunities for the count in the world of modeling.

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