Countess Alexandra confirms the breach

Countess Alexandra confirms the breach

Countess Alexandra (58) is no longer in a relationship with Nikolai Petersen. This was confirmed by her spokeswoman Helle von Wildenrath Lofgren in Danish BT.

The countess was previously married to Prince Joachim (53), and together they have two sons. Count Felix (20) and Count Nikolai (23).

The break seems to have been of the most dramatic kind.

break up

According to a spokesperson for the countess, the 58-year-old took action after learning of things she did not want to be associated with.

– Countess Alexandra learned of some incidents from which the Countess herself distanced herself so vehemently, and so she replied immediately, despite the fact that she was in the throes of grief after her mother’s death, the paper was told.

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It is not known what it will be like. Speculation about the separation came after Peitersen did not attend the funeral for the countess’s mother, who passed away on January 5, BT writes.

He was happy

In June 2021, it became known that the Countess and Petersen found love.

– It is true that Countess Alexandra and Nikolaj Petersen have seen each other for a long time, but the Countess has no further comments on the relationship, Løvgreen’s spokesperson said at the time.

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Petersen stayed in China for many years, but according to the plan, he had to move his Wikifactory company to Copenhagen. However, getting closer to each other – and eventually together – wasn’t easy.

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Things take time and it’s something he has to talk about with his family. There is a lockdown in China, so it’s a little difficult. Let’s take it easy, the Countess said in Danish See and hear.

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