Courteney Cox regrets injections

Courteney Cox regrets injections

“Friends” star Courteney Cox, 58, has previously been open about turning to cosmetic help. The actress had had several injections in her face.

– I was haunted

Now she admits that she regrets the injections. says Cox on the podcast Angeles sitting that when she looks at pictures from the time she got several injections, she thinks her face looked “a little wrong.”

It wasn’t easy, she explains, to realize that then and there.

– I didn’t realize it didn’t look good.

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– It’s a recession

The 58-year-old tells how she ended up getting ‘hung up’ with different syringes. The background to the choices I’ve made in the past seems to be the pressure of beauty in Hollywood.

– I thought I was already grown up when I was very young. It’s frustrating, it’s a waste of time and it leads to a domino effect. You don’t realize it looks a little wrong, so you keep injecting because you think it looks normal.

Reveals: related

Reveals: related

Furthermore, Cox explains that she feels herself ruined her face for a while.

– Luckily you can remove the syringes, I think I destroyed a few. Fortunately, I was able to reverse that, and now I look much older.

turkey: Courteney Cox is best known for playing Monica Geller on the TV series Friends, and there is one scene in particular that she remembers. She recreated it to the delight of the masses. Video: Courteney Cox/Ingeborg Iversen
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Not allowed to appear

The actress started these treatments because she wanted to fight aging. She has now turned around and wants to age naturally. She said on the podcast that she can’t believe her eyes when she sees old photos.

- It wasn't easy

– It wasn’t easy

– The person who does PR for me will not allow me to post before and after photos, she says and adds that she would like to do so.

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– The caption should be: “The day you realize what all your friends are talking about.”

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