Crisis support for everyone at Eurovision

Crisis support for everyone at Eurovision

There are less than two weeks left until a new Eurovision winner is chosen in Malmö, Sweden. Participants from all over Europe have turned their noses up at “our beautiful brother,” and now they are writing Aftonbladet That's all for the music competition to go smoothly.

All participating artists will be offered, among other things, crisis support and a psychologist in Malmö, and will have the opportunity to contact the so-called crisis line around the clock if there is something they are burning with.

This could stop the popular festival

According to the Swedish newspaper, it will also be possible to speak with a psychiatrist in several different languages. This applies not only to artists, but regardless of what kind of role you play during Eurovision – whether you are working with the artists or in the music competition in general.

to the top: Markus and Martinus won the Melodifestivalen. Photos from SVT.
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The phone line has been open since the end of March and is available to those working on SVT production in preparation for the competition.

This year it is Gat who will fight for victory for Norway. Norwegian Marcus and Martinus (22 years old) are also participating in the competition, but they represent the host country Sweden after winning the Melodifestivalen title earlier this year.

Breeds: - Cowardly and shameful

Breeds: – Cowardly and shameful

The music competition has already received tremendous attention and some artists have threatened to withdraw.

Allowing Israel to participate in this year's Eurovision contest has sent a wave of protests across Europe, and in many countries the competition has been met with large demonstrations and threats of boycotts.

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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has always said so Out of the question to ban the countryIt also became Russia in 2022.

victory: It is now clear who will represent Norway at Eurovision in May. Photos from NRK.
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