Cross-country skiing, Tour de Ski | Odnes Wing is accused of tactical play

Cross-country skiing, Tour de Ski |  Odnes Wing is accused of tactical play

OBERSTDORF (Nettavisen): After two Tour de Ski stages, Norway’s Udnes Weng is leading overall ahead of Kerttu Niskanen and Frida Karlsson.

But after his first World Cup victory, Tyrrell became abundantly clear that Carlson was still the big favorite to win overall.

She reasoned, among other things, that the Swede should be better than her on the last monster hill in Val di Fiemme.

– I’m in a good position, but I know there will be some races that don’t pan out well compared to Frida. I have to perform at the peak of my career in Oberstdorf to have a chance. Oh my gosh, I should have several seconds up that hill, Odnes Wing says.

– There are so many that I look a little darkly at me as I take this victory. I’ll go as fast as I can through all the pitfalls and then I’ll be who I will be,” Odnes Wing tells Netavien.

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accused of tactical play

Now Sweden manager Anders Bystrom thinks Odense Wing is playing a tactical game by putting the stamp of choice on Carlsson, writes Express.

– I know Terrell and I was her coach, so I know she’s really good at climbing. You may not think it is, but it is. I put my favorite stamp on it. She leads the World Cup and is a very good all-rounder. Bystrom says she keeps the favourite.

However, Odense Wing is crying over his former coach.

– Does he think I don’t lose much on this hill? I was two minutes behind last year. Then there is a difference in the references we have to “good”. I don’t think it’s a good thing, says the leader of the Norwegian Ski Race.

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Her Swedish rival Frida Carlsson does not intend to enter into the debate.

– I just focus on finishing. I don’t think about who is my favourite. We’ve only run three out of seven races, Carlsson tells Nettavisen, so there’s a lot to do.

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The third stage is in Oberstdorf

Although Udnes Weng fears the monster stage, she believes that she can succeed in many races before.

On Tuesday, he’s ready for the third stage of the Winter Tour with a classic 10km individual start in Oberstdorf.

The Norwegian leader initially started with faith in a good result, having achieved his first World Cup victory in his career in the previous stage.

– I was very relieved to win. I carry self-confidence and security with me.

– I think the track suits me well. The slopes are not very long, which for me is a plus. I know there are many who will go fast. I hope I’m not too far behind and it will be possible to catch up on the start of the hunt on Wednesday,” says Odnes Wing.

Rainy weather in Oberstdorf

On Tuesday, the men will be the first to participate in the 10K race in Oberstdorf with the race starting at 11:45, while the women’s race will start at 14:45.

Rain is expected in Oberstdorf on Tuesday and there is tension over how the track will hold throughout the day.

National team runner Hans-Christer Holland believes, however, that conditions should be good despite the challenges of hot weather in the days before and rain now.

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– You will succeed. With a little cooler weather, rain, mixed with salt, I think it will be fine, Holland tells Nettavisen.

In 2021, Holland took WC gold in Oberstdorf in both the 15 kilometers and the relay. Now he’s hoping to get new goodies on the water cycle paths.

– Before WC I didn’t have a single good ski race here, but then WC turned out very well. I noticed when I got to the hotel that I had a good feeling. There is a good aura in this valley here. I hope it helps me a little bit, says the world champion.

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