– Slightly above expectations – VG

- Slightly above expectations - VG

Linda Verdi (72) eloped with her new reality concept win on TV 2’s Fittest Norway.


In a holiday colony in Hörumlandet, ten retirees aged 68 to 77 participated in varying physical and challenging competitions to be called the ‘most suitable in Norway’. On Monday, Linda Verdi was finally victorious in the final duel against Queen Marian Steinbeck (77).

– It was so much fun. Verdi says on the phone to VG it was a little above expectations, and I’m satisfied.

Verdi has been involved in directing for many years and can refer to both NM medals, royal trophies and now the nickname given “First Norway”.

Women’s Match: Linda Verdi and Marian Steenback were in the Grand Final – an all-female duel – which ended with Verdi winning by an edge.

You weren’t too old to train

Verdi has always loved exercising, but only when I retired six years ago did I exercise regularly again.

I got in better shape after my retirement. There is no reason to sit back and say you are too old to exercise. The body will always respond to training, and you will never be too old to train.

At first, the Levant refused to be in the “fittest of Norway”. Verdi says she couldn’t imagine being part of a reality show with so much media focus.

– I’m not a typical participant actually. There were others who were better at filling this role, she says and adds:

– I’m so glad I changed my mind and started thinking differently. I know I would have greatly regretted it if I had watched the show now later.

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Competition: For eight weeks, participants took part in various physical and challenging competitions, to be called the “most suitable in Norway”

She lost her husband to cancer

The participants got to know each other well during the recording of “Norway of the Fittest”. Everyone opened up about their life experiences during the programme. Fitness Man Nails Harald Moe (75) burst into tears As he opened up about his childhood, Verdi shared his experience about losing his husband.

Verdi tells VG that the participants became so close that they “handled all the situations and each other’s reactions”. On the show, we watch Verdi dance for the first time since her husband died of cancer in Space Christmas 2019.

– Others knew I had been widowed a few years ago, so it was only natural that I should talk a little bit about it, the 72-year-old tells VG.

Watch Verdi’s clip of the loss of the husband she met in 1977:

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