Daniel: It’s a secret that I’m going to die

Daniel: It's a secret that I'm going to die

Last Sunday, Daniel Kodo of Alessand Forman was knocked out of the side competition by Dorbet and won. This weekend he meets Dorthe Skappel and Good Evening Norway for a long chat.

– How was the exit from the farm really?

– This is completely untrue. I was in the bubble for a while. It didn’t take long for me to get down. I was floating in a cloud and was very high for a long time. Kodo says it could take a month and a half.

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Godø was last seen at Farmen in 2014. Seven years later, after sitting in Oslo for a year, he did not mind praying when he got the chance again.

– It was nice to be out in nature and use her hand. The first few weeks were a lot of fun, but sitting on a craft for eight weeks was so intense, says Kodo.

Returning home, Daniel Squid was shocked by the game:

Thrived in the closet

His participation from 2014 will be remembered forever because he came to be a homosexual on TV.

– Absolutely unbelievable to think about. I do not understand it, because it’s a secret that I’m going to die. Undoubtedly. But in that bubble it gets so fast, I was right to say that, Kodo says.

– Now I felt that the whole of Norway would be known at once.

He explains that at the time he was actually thriving in the closet and didn’t think it was bad.

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– I can have male friends, but no one in the whole world knows. And I thought it was a little fun in a way. I snuck in and thought it was so exciting. But it was so bad, says Kodo.

He always went and wondered if anyone had seen him, or brought with them anything that would reveal him. Kodo grew up in a Christian environment where homosexuality was not an option.

Not that there was such vile talk, but it was unthinkable. It made it easier for me to be in the closet because I totally could not imagine being a homosexual, he says.

This is what he told the pastor’s parents that he was gay:

Lived a double life

But when Kodo finally started meeting the boys, it was the most natural thing in the whole world.

– There is nothing I can do about it. Almost my soul went behind it because it was love and passion, which is the most beautiful thing in the whole world, Kodo explains.

What he failed to do was combine his feelings with the rational notion that he was not gay.

– So I lived a double life in a way. Physically, but in my head, because I never connected those thoughts. He says I said that only after I was on the farm and then I started to feel very ashamed.

It took Kodo time to humiliate and reconcile with the fact that he was gay.

– I met love only in friends, parents and the church environment. It’s like barking louder than biting. The church community may be very supportive of homosexuality, but when you meet people and it’s a real relationship, you’re pushing theology and ideology a little bit, and you’re just human beings, says Forman Winner.

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See what Daniel will do with the winning cabin and share it with which participant:

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