Disappearance of Anna Walsh, 39: Her husband, Brian Walsh, 47, has been charged with murder

Disappearance of Anna Walsh, 39: Her husband, Brian Walsh, 47, has been charged with murder
Missing: Anna Walsh, 39, missing since January 1. The pair conducted a number of searches related to the murder at the time of her disappearance.

His brother-in-law did a number of Google searches for the murders. However, the mother states that she does not believe her son-in-law has ever abused her daughter.


Anna Walsh, 39, has been missing since January 1. Her husband, Brian Walsh, 47, is accused of her murder. Although Anna was never found, police believe he killed and then mutilated his wife, dumping her body parts in various dumpsters outside the large city of Boston on the east coast of the United States.

They base this on, among other things, the discovery of traces of blood in the couple’s home, such items as traces of blood, towels, duct tape, gloves, a saw, an axe, and the couple’s DNA in 10 trash bags found in a dumpster.

In addition, on January 2, he bought things like a mop, bucket, safety glasses, ax, tarpaulin, and baking soda.

Search for murder on Google

Especially I searched google for very straightforward help. For example:

  • 10 ways to get rid of a dead body if you have to
  • Can body parts be removed?
  • Baufil the best cutting tool?

But according to NBC News She is Ana’s mother, Milanka Ljubicic (69), and remains convinced her son-in-law is innocent. Ana is originally from Serbia, and her mother was interviewed in her hometown of Belgrade.

– I think she went somewhere, to run away, maybe she was tired of everything … That’s just what I think. “I don’t really know what happened,” the mother told NBC News.

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– I just hope you’re alive. Anywhere but alive. This is my only hope.

Hope: Milanka Ljubicic is the mother of Anna Walsh, 39, who has been missing since January 1. Walsh lived in Massachusetts, USA, but was originally from Belgrade, Serbia, where her mother is now interviewed by a journalist.

I always thought well of him

The mother faced her son-in-law’s searches at the time surrounding her daughter’s disappearance, but says she doesn’t believe this is true. She points out that she has never experienced her son-in-law angry or aggressive.

Milanka Ljubicic also says she lived with her daughter and husband for 16 months, divided into three different visits.

– I always thought well of him. He was always in a good mood and would tell jokes. He was a home cook and always cooked for us, Ljubicic tells NBC News.

The mother also indicates that she did not hear her daughter complain about the man.

According to CNN, his son-in-law has Not guiltyand his defense attorney suggests Tracy Miner She believes the evidence is not particularly strong.

Accused: Hana Brian Walsh (47 years old) in court on January 9, in connection with the fact that he is accused of murdering his wife Anna Walsh (39).

Allegedly, he previously threatened death

NBC News has it In another article He revealed that Brian Walsh had threatened to kill Anna in 2014. He was not charged at the time, because the victim refused to cooperate with the police.

Milanka Ljubicic says she didn’t know about this. She also says she was unaware that a family friend called Brian Walsh a sociopath, very angry and physically violent person.

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Discussions about accommodation

On the other hand, the mother learns that the couple recently had discussions about the best place to live. The couple has three children ages 2, 4, and 6 and Anna moved to Washington, D.C., where she worked in the real estate industry. They had better living options there, as well as the fact that Anna, according to her mother, missed the children when she was away on business.

However, Brian Walsh could not move there, because he was serving a home fraud sentence and therefore could not leave home in Boston or Massachusetts.

Primary dispute?: According to Anna Walsh’s mother, the couple had a dispute recently regarding where the children should live. In Boston, where the father had to live because of a sentence, or in Washington, where the mother was engaged in real estate, and they had the most beautiful house.

Anna’s mother also says that Anna sent her a letter on Christmas Day: “Mom, can you come tomorrow?”. According to NBC News, the mom replied that she couldn’t prepare to leave so soon, and that she’d rather come in January and stay longer. I asked why Anna wanted her to come immediately, and she said that her daughter explained that it was because she did not get along with her husband because of disagreements over children and accommodation.

The babies are now in the care of the Massachusetts Division of Children and Families, according to NBC News.


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