Disgraceful battalion

Disgraceful battalion

– Private Eric Weldy says that I have to represent a battalion in which such things have happened is madness.

Can girls and boys live in the same room in the army anymore?

An entire country has turned its sights on Bardfoss after accusations of bullying, harassment and abuse.

Andre Troms (Affenposten): The harassment case shook the soldiers. It had consequences for camp life.

There is no wind at Mauken in the Indre Troms. 20 soldiers stand motionless and await orders.

– ready. fire!

Shots are coming from German machine guns.

Also in February, it was full of bonfires here Combat Training BattalionCombat Training BattalionThe Battle Line Battalion is the Supply and Transport Department of the Army and belongs to the Northern Brigade. It also has an experienced equipment repair shop. in northern Norway. Not from firearms or from an external enemy. But it is called one The inner enemy by the Chief of Defense.

encrypted message

Filled with anticipation, Anita Regland (19) donned a green army uniform for the first time. She wanted a break from school.

She went on first service at Bardfoss in August. The enlistment period tested boundaries, she had hoped.

She still lives in a room for six. With Stina from Bryne, Ida from Gjøvik, Erling and Peter from Bergen, and Erik from Orkanger. Three girls and three boys.

They sleep together, eat together, make counting edges together, do laundry together and push boundaries together.

A few months ago, a mysterious message came from the camp administration: There was a big media story about the battalion.

It would shock far beyond the camp at Bardfoss.

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