New Sørloth scored – and then had to get out

New Sørloth scored – and then had to get out

Real Sociedad – Athletic Club 3-1

The day before Real Sociedad’s derby against Athletic, Alexander Sorloth (27′) trained himself after a problem with his knee.

But the 27-year-old started Saturday’s game, scoring the first goal of the game in impressive fashion. The goal was Trunder’s seventh goal in the league this season.

– It was absolutely amazing. The match came to the finish line a little short, so my heart rate was high before the match even started. But it was incredibly good and the score and atmosphere totally magical,” Sørloth tells TV 2.

At the start of the second half, images emerged that Sociedad fans would not want to see. After the duel, he sat down, received assistance from the medical staff, and was substituted.

Sørloth reveals to TV 2 that there was talk in advance that the 27-year-old would eventually give up.

– I was very skeptical (before the game). We didn’t have enough time, and we thought today we have to try and score one or two goals and we have to be smart.

In the situation that led to him being sat down, Sørloth was upset that he didn’t get a free kick. Then the referee responded by giving a yellow card.

– The last game was really painful, but we have a great machine in the club that got me back on my feet. I managed 50 minutes today and I’m so glad I did. There’s another game on Tuesday, which I hope I’ll be ready for, he said.

Merciless in the end

Real Sociedad started the game in the best way possible, with a Norwegian player on the score sheet.

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When the 27-year-old received the ball into the box, he was cold.

Between two athletic defenders, he found space, took two tunnels and directed the ball into the left corner. Many thought Sorloth was offside, but TV pictures showed he was on the right side.

Celebration: Alexander Sorloth is in good shape. Photo: Ander Jelena

– did you see! It’s his fourth consecutive goal in LaLiga. Let’s pay tribute to him. That calm and cruelty in the end. Knocking it down with two touches, TV 2 commentator Endre Olav Osnes says it’s beautiful.

TV 2’s football expert Simen Stamsø-Møller is also proud of the Tronder.

– This is a self-confident boy, and he has a reason for that. Double tunneled on Yeray (Alvarez), one of the best stoppers in the league, who just bounced back and played with it, says Stamsø-Møller.

Celebrate the goal

Takefusa Kubo made it 2-0 for Real Sociedad, before Oihan Sunset Trabo pulled one back for Athletic.

After 46 minutes, the Norwegian sat down after a duel, apparently because of his knee. He was assisted by the medical device and was substituted a few minutes later.

Real Sociedad is not finished for the evening.

The referee pointed to the penalty spot and showed the red card to Athletic player Yeray Alvarez after 60 minutes for fouling Kubo inside the penalty area.

Without Sørloth on the field, Mikel Oyarzabal moved forward, took the penalty kick and scored the home team’s third goal of the evening.

SO RED: Ray Alvarez and the Athletic Bilbao players are furious at the referee handing out the red.  Photo: Ander Jelena

SO RED: Ray Alvarez and the Athletic Bilbao players are furious at the referee handing out the red. Photo: Ander Jelena

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