Does not support the new charging standard – ITavisen

Does not support the new charging standard – ITavisen

This week, Samsung announced its new top models in the Galaxy series.

Lacks Qi2 support

But there are two things to pay attention to: only the most expensive Ultra model is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Moreover, another cool thing has been discovered: the new models do not support Qi2, the new charging standard announced last November and which the iPhone 15 already supports. in September:

“The new generation feature is things Apple fans have long used: MagSafe-like magnets and speeds (Apple was involved in the development.) It took time: the Qi1 spec was released 15 years ago, but now the wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has finally announced The first products have almost successfully passed the certification process – the first products were launched just in time for Christmas Eve. It was promised in January this year. Only devices with the magnetic power profile are getting the Qi2 label, reports The Verge.Qi1 and 2 are also compatible with each other.

Struggles with magnetic chargers

The beauty of Qi2 is that the standard implements support for faster magnetic charging, which iPhone customers have long benefited from. Not only that, the speed is also better, but this does not help customers of Samsung's latest model, the Ultra, which does not support the standard, but also faces problems when connecting Apple MagSafe and Qi2 products: the S Pen then does not work any longer.

“Currently, manufacturers are experiencing issues with magnets interfering with the S-Pen, causing the stylus to temporarily stop working. “As a result, manufacturers are trying to find a solution,” reports @thisistechtoday on X. Samsung is not alone: ​​No The Pixel 8 series supports Qi2 technology. Google's new top models launched in October 2023.

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