Testing emergency alerts on mobile on January 10

Testing emergency alerts on mobile on January 10

At 12 noon on Wednesday 10 January, emergency alerts on mobile phones and the Norwegian Civil Defense Alert System will be tested across Norway in a joint national alarm test.

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A warning test takes place on January 10 across the country, around 12 noon, and then Norwegian Civil Defense tests tornadoes with an “Important message – request information” signal.

Meanwhile, the police are sending out a test of emergency alerts on mobile phones, the Community Preparedness Directorate (DSB) wrote on its devices. Websites.

This means that cell phones across the country will vibrate and beep loudly, at the same time as tornadoes howl.

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Preliminary findings regarding emergency alerts: Therefore, some received emergency alerts multiple times

Police are investigating why a number of mobile phones received emergency alerts multiple times.

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That's why your phone rings at 12 noon

On Wednesday, June 14 at 12 noon, mobile phones across the country will beep and vibrate as they test the new mobile emergency alarm.

This is the second time emergency alerts have been tested on mobile phones. The first time was in June last year. At that time, there were more people who did not receive the warning.

– Many of those who did not receive the emergency notification last time did not have updated phones. We therefore particularly remind you that in order to receive emergency notifications correctly, you must have a recently updated mobile phone, says Director Elizabeth Arsother at the DSB.

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