Donald Trump – Dangers of Too Long Sentences

Donald Trump - Dangers of Too Long Sentences

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Trump’s lawyers have the power to put out legal fires in many settings.

The FBI’s search for Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago, earlier this month got a lot of attention. The former president is said to have taken and stored highly classified and sensitive documents at his Florida home. On Saturday, news came that a federal judge wants to follow up on Trump’s desire to appoint an independent legal person (special master) to oversee the FBI’s review of the Mar-a-Lago seizures.

In a letter to Congress, US intelligence chief Avril Haines also warned that US intelligence is now assessing what kind of damage the documents Trump brought to Mar-a-Lago could cause, according to CNN.

Bigger Threat

However, it may be the criminal investigation that is taking place in parallel in the state of Georgia, that may lead to the most dramatic results for the former president. There, a grand jury is reviewing the evidence to assess whether Trump and his allies did anything illegal when they tried to nullify the 2020 presidential election and prevent Joe Biden from taking charge.

There is a greater legal threat to the president and some of his supporters than any other investigation currently underway. Ronald Carlson stresses that some potential charges come with very long sentences Watchman.

He is a prominent Georgia defense attorney and former professor of law at the University of Georgia.

Carlson points out that others convicted of illegally handling classified documents, such as former CIA chief David Petraeus, were only convicted of misdemeanours, not felonies carrying long prison sentences.

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In New York, Trump’s business activities are being investigated, but this investigation appears to be focusing more on business than on Trump himself. It is also unclear whether charges can be brought against Trump in the wake of a congressional investigation into the deadly attack on January 6, 2021.

A Georgia election official received threats after false allegations surfaced in a video of him. Video: Twitter.
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strong evidence

At the same time, Carlson believes there is strong evidence that Trump and his supporters used various means to reverse the narrow defeat against Biden in Georgia. Among other things, they were said to have pressured local elected officials to commit electoral fraud.

Analysis from the think tank Brookings Institution, also concludes that Trump is “at high risk of being indicted in the country for multiple crimes.” His behavior in Georgia after the 2020 election has been described as a “continuous attack” on the state’s electoral process.

Georgia prosecutors, led by Attorney General Fannie Willis, will consider charges under anti-conspiracy laws commonly used to fight organized crime. Conviction with these laws can result in long prison sentences.

Willis and her associates have collected extensive documents and testimony from some of Trump’s closest allies. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, testified before a grand jury in Atlanta in July. Two days before the testimony was given, Giuliani was told he had been the target of an investigation.

The grand jury also wants testimony from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

famous phone call

The information presented to the grand jury is not public, but a potential key point in the case against Trump and his allies is expected to be the now-famous telephone conversation between Trump and Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Ravensburger after the election. There, Trump demanded that Ravensburger “find” enough votes to invalidate Biden’s election victory. The conversation has been recorded and made public.

In severe weather: Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s attorney, is under investigation. On Wednesday, April 28, federal agents searched his home and office.
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Raffensperger rejected this claim. Trump then made vague threats that Ravensberger could be impeached.

Trump also spoke to other prominent Georgia Republicans, such as the governor, Brian Kemp, and Attorney General Chris Carr, to get them to challenge the recount. They also resisted pressure.

many attempts

Trump also tried to persuade federal officials at the Department of Justice to intervene. His lawyers, led by Giuliani, also filed several lawsuits with totally unfounded allegations of foreign interference in the elections and other conspiracy theories. All lawsuits were flatly dismissed.

Sweat flows: Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani sweated so much at the press conference that it spilled over to social media. Video: AP
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When all of that failed, Giuliani and others attempted to make false claims that the Georgia state assembly was allowed to replace its Electoral College members with others who would vote for Trump even if he lost the election.

The grand jury’s focus on incitement to electoral fraud. In addition, there is talk of false statements by the authorities. After that, the grand jury will likely also consider the criminal conspiracy and that someone has broken the oath they took, Carlson tells The Guardian.

This may lead to charges similar to those brought against organized crime. Willis is said to have also brought in organized crime experts to take part in the investigation.

Trump has long denied doing anything wrong and has described the investigations as a political manhunt.

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