Donald Trump, humor | Trump’s stopover tour

Donald Trump, humor |  Trump’s stopover tour

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This week marks one year since the next presidential election in the United States. In the middle stands Donald Trump, who has been on the campaign trail since last fall.

What is astonishing is that the Trump campaign is almost devoid of vision. Political content isn’t so important to Trump anymore.

All he knows is that he wants to be president again.

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In 2016, he wanted to radically change the United States. Now, his inner motivation appears to be limited to the hope that the presidency will grant him legal protection against the numerous lawsuits before him.

What we are left with, then, is a campaign that mainly consists of boasting about his four years as president and criticizing Joe Biden and the judiciary that is against him. The lack of political content means that the humor takes up more space.

Is this position what will put Trump back on top again?

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People are laughing to death

Trump remains “the best show in town,” and one should not underestimate the importance of humor as a tool.

The reason people still come out in droves to watch Trump live is because it’s fun. And you never know what’s coming. Suddenly he says something completely wild. Trump is almost the only person who has managed to make politics in the United States interesting for people.

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Trump often plays on his opponents, such as when he imitates a flustered Joe Biden who can’t get off the stage. Trump spreads the word aggressively, and his supporters love it. Often times it’s really funny.

Not long ago, he mocked the news that US defense would buy more Electric car. Trump turns the narrative into a stand-up routine as he accuses Biden of manufacturing electric tanks.

– There are not many charging stations in the areas you are trying to destroy, he says in the clip that can be watched here:

Trump often mocks the media’s tendency to exaggerate things he says, and to stir up controversy out of the uncontroversial. Recently, he was interrupted by a fly while giving a speech. “I hate flies,” Trump says, before quickly adding:

– I’ll get in trouble for saying that. “animal cruelty”, He says, pointing to the media. People are laughing to death.

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He could win the election

Politics with Trump is fun, but it is also dangerous, because over time his followers have learned that the democratic rules of the game are not something to be respected.

Humor isn’t the only thing that makes Trump have such a large following. He also built an “us versus them culture” that many admire. There are attacks on the judiciary, independent elections, and left-dominated centers of cultural power: the media, universities, and the power over language (political correctness).

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In this sense, Trump’s 2024 campaign is a “best of” tour. There are no new songs, only old songs.

Trump’s sense of humor is completely irrelevant. I would go so far as to say that it highlights the biggest problem Biden faces, and gives Trump hope of winning the presidential election next year.

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the key of success

Part of the key to Trump’s success as a politician is attracting people who don’t care much about politics.

Measurements don’t lie: If you were so committed that you went and voted in the midterms last year, you are more likely to support Biden. One important reason for this is that voters with higher education vote more often than those without higher education.

On the other hand, Trump performed surprisingly well among those who stayed home in the recent byelections. This is also why it is always better than the measurements indicate. These people also don’t answer when pollsters call them.

This is why the Republican Party (Trump’s party) performs poorly today when Trump himself is not on the ballot. This happened in 2018 and 2022.

While Trump voters do like Trump, Biden has little personal appeal. His main attraction is that he is not Trump. In 2020, a majority of Biden voters saidAnd the main reason they voted for him is because he is not Donald Trump. This is still the case.

This enthusiasm gives Trump hope. The hope is that low voter turnout will secure him four more years as president.

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Hope and health

Time will tell if there is any hope of winning over purple voters. These people voted for Biden in 2020, and they did not like what Trump did on January 6.

But perhaps more of them will choose Trump next year, out of concern for Biden’s health.

The big question mark is all the lawsuits against Trump. One or more convictions in the serious cases would put a significant hurdle on his ability to win the White House again.

But there are still many months to come.

Meanwhile, the stand-up tour continues.

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