Drama Road before the semi-finals – Cursed after canceling training – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

Drama Road before the semi-finals – Cursed after canceling training – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

After yesterday’s victory over the Danish Holger Ron, He began a large public quarrel with ugly features and accusations of lying.

Rod woke up to a media storm.

And now when he finally had to warm up and settle down before the semi-final against Marin Cilic, new challenges arose.

Shortly before Rodd moved to lane two at the Roland Garros facility, light raindrops started falling over the gravel. The course crew quickly covered the course with a plastic sheet. Training was interrupted by light rain in the air.

Shout out to the track crew

That training, which was interrupted by a light rain in the air, did not go well with Rod. He addressed himself directly to the track crew who were on the other side.

– You speak to me in French, as if I understand. Rod yelled in English, do you want me to talk to you in Norwegian?

Rudd told the second track crews they could train according to the conditions now, but officials on the second track at Roland Garros refused. When those in charge of the course approached Rodd, they were asked two obvious questions:

– Why don’t you listen to the players? Who will play the match? Rod continued, visibly disappointed.

Father and coach Christian Rudd stood with the phone to his ear, apparently trying to clarify the situation. A few minutes later, Team Ruud left the field with a team from Netflix.

According to the plan, Marin Cilic was scheduled to train from 2:30 pm on the adjacent track. The Croatian couldn’t complete his session either.

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Norwegian good weather

It doesn’t rain much under Roland Garros. But the few raindrops that did appear, Lars Gerdacker thinks there is nothing to wrinkle his nose. He is the general secretary of the Norwegian Tennis Association.

– As a westerner, this is nice and good Norwegian summer weather. He tells NRK: We play tennis in weather like this.

Roland Garros rain

Pool: Umbrellas were up front, although the rain was barely noticeable an hour and 20 minutes after Rod had to interrupt training. Here, the audience sees the Alexander Nadal-Rafael Nadal match on the big screen outside Susan Lenglin Stadium.

Photo: Frederic Tombra/NRK


– The track crew apparently received a letter from the secretariat and dared not do anything about it. This is somewhat similar to French culture, where decisions are made by those who are not necessarily present. Then it was the same, and Rudd had to leave the field before he could start.

– Isn’t it useful to be able to cancel your plan like that?

No, but on the other hand, Rod is very experienced and used to wait a long time. He is a professional and deals with this. I think the frustration came from the fact that there are playable conditions, and then common sense, which Casper has so much, that they could play there. It didn’t work, Gerdaker says.

afternoon match

In a few moments, Rafael Nadal and Alexander Zverev will play each other in the first semi-final of the Roland Garros tournament, also called the French Open. For the occasion, they closed the roof of the Philippe Chartres facility.

The second semi-final match is between Ruud and Cilic, and that match does not start before 17.30.

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