– Dramatic and provocative – VG

- Dramatic and provocative - VG

MUNICH / OSLO (VG) Russia has begun a major exercise in its nuclear program. Among other things, ballistic missiles carrying nuclear weapons have been tested under the supervision of President Vladimir Putin.


Before 11.30, the Kremlin tells many Russian media Exercises are going on at Parents Sea. According to Reuters, warships and submarines fired anti-ship missiles and circus missiles at sea and land targets, the Kremlin said.

A large part of the Barents Sea has been set aside for training.

Russian news agency reported Toss Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko attended the exercise.

Step dHe is a visitor to Parents Half of Norway’s economic zone. This hazard warning is intended to warn the public to stay away from the area.

At the same time as the exercise begins, it goes Security Conference in Munich Saturday morning. There, NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg reiterates that NATO is still doing what they say it is doing and showing no signs of withdrawing troops from the border areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (left) attended a nuclear exercise in the Barents Sea on Saturday. Here from the control room on Saturday.

– Dramatic and provocative

Ståle Ulriksen is a researcher and lecturer at the Naval Academy. He believes the exercise is a reminder that Russia has large nuclear weapons.

– These strategic exercises will be in the autumn, which I now feel is a signal related to Ukraine, and remind the world that Russia has nuclear weapons and the ability to use them.

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– I think it’s so dramatic and provocative that they have chosen to do it now, they have never done it before, says Ulrikson.

Russia uses such exercises. What is unusual is the timing and area of ​​their filming.

– They usually shoot east. It’s closer to land than usual, and very close to Norway, says Ulrikson.

He describes time as a message to the United States and the West, but also as a message to Norway about the missile strike field. The latter may be related to the Gold Response, a planned NATO exercise in Norway and surrounding areas in March and April.

He has also spoken to Ulrikson N.R.K.Who discussed the case Friday night.

Extraordinary: Stale Ulriksen, researcher and author at the Naval Academy, says Russia trains unusually close to Norway, and he is interpreted as a signal.

Great in modern times

The Armed Forces did not want to comment on any of the other countries’ actions at sea on Saturday morning, but Major Elizabeth Island quoted the Parents Observer a few days ago:

– The Russian NOTAM forecast is the largest since the Cold War. It is the largest in modern times.

The exercise comes amid rising tensions around Ukraine.

Friday night In US President Joe Biden He firmly believes that Russia will attack Ukraine in the next few days – and the capital Kiev is a target.

Defense Minister Odd Roger Enoksen (Sp) commented on the training for the VG in Brussels earlier this week:

– The risk area is normally reported. These are exercises that Russia regularly conducts. We do not find anything unusual in this. The only difference is that these exercises usually take place in the fall and are now announced for February, he said.

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