Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reacts to wax

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reacts to wax

Film star Dwayne Johnson (51 years old) is not happy with the wax version of himself on display in Paris.


The public also did not like the “Rock” as it appears in the Griffin Museum in the French capital.

The museum specializes in wax statues of famous people.

Fast & Furious star Dwayne Johnson shared a video Instagram, taken from the account of comedian James Jefferson (59). Although the film’s star and wrestling champion wrote that he laughed out loud at the images in the copy, he took action.

Just so you know, I will have my team contact the Griffin Museum in Paris, France, so we can “upgrade” this wax figure of mine with some important details.“,” writes “The Rock,” as he is called.

We can start with my skin tone“, he adds.

It’s the particularly light skin tone of Johnson’s version that makes people raise their eyebrows.

Johnson was born in the United States, but has genes from Africa and Samoa.

On social media such as x/twitterReactions to the wax doll abound, with many using words like “whitewashing” the star.

They made you look like my iPhone charger», James Jefferson jokes.

CNN He mentions the dispute and they cite the French Museum Websites As follows:

Sculptor Stefan Barrett was forced to rely on photos and videos to create a statue that was as close to reality as possible, without the presence of the international star.».

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Beyond that, the museum has not commented on the resurrection.

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The reason Johnson received his copy at the museum was because he won the first ever Griffin Awards. Therefore, it was necessary to create a copy of the actor, who was 1.96 meters tall and weighed 119 kilograms.

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