Electricity Compensation Scheme – Merité (44) can be paid for using electricity

Electricity Compensation Scheme - Merité (44) can be paid for using electricity

– Since I got a flat rate agreement in mid-August, I’ve used 3,700 kWh and paid 3,000 kroner in rent for electricity and grid, Merethe Ragnardotter Flakk tells DinSide.

If we used the electricity price for the past four months (with VAT, no additional charges) and the grid rent as a basis, it averaged almost 197 øre per kWh. This means that Flakk paid over NOK 7,000 in electricity and thus got rid of more than half the price on the fixed-price agreement.

– I saved Much money, and he didn’t have the big anxiety that many others have, Flack says.

It can cover the entire network rent

Earlier this fall, DinSide wrote about the 44-year-old resident of Oslo who made a chess move to enter into a fixed-rate agreement of 38.9 øre per kilowatt-hour for half a year before electricity prices for immediate customers went up. .

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Now when she has stabilized after about four months, she is coming out of her “energy crunch” very well.

And with the government’s compensation scheme looming, she can get money from the state directly into her bank account the more electricity she uses!

Let’s just take the case of Flak and the imaginary scenario for the price of electricity:

If electricity prices rise sharply this winter and the spot rate over the course of a month is 200 øre per kilowatt-hour in the Nord Pool energy exchange, it will be offset by 81.25 øre per kilowatt-hour, which roughly covers the grid rent as well. If she rises above that, she may end up They get paid to use force.

In other words, we’re looking at a real paradox here, because the higher the price of electricity, the less Flack will pay for electricity consumption.

– Yes, I can get paid to use electricity, because I have the fixed-price agreement that I own. However, I didn’t rely much on this myself, and have my reservations that I’ll actually get my money back. But if it does, I’m of course screaming for it, Flack says.

– The electricity agreement must have something to say

Energy analyst Tor Reier Lilleholt at Volue Insight confirms that the compensation system does not provide free electricity. Everyone should cover the costs of what comes out of pure electricity prices.

Thus, you can still save as much energy as possible that you are not using.

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The compensation system is the same for everyone and is handled by the grid company, so the type of electricity agreement you have shouldn’t matter and you decide whether or not to keep the compensation advantage, Lillholt tells DinSide.

“I would like to congratulate those who have foreseen and took advantage of the opportunity to use a flat rate,” continues Lillholt.

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Those who have made a favorable agreement should be allowed to keep the advantage they had in this difficult situation, and not be punished for not receiving a “rebate” from the state, the authority analyst believes.

Want the chart to hit well

DinSide contacted the Department of Petroleum and Energy and explained to them Flack’s situation and how the state’s compensation system affects her and others in her situation.

To what extent does the compensation system hurt those who need it most when we see examples like these?

– In working with power supports, it was important to create a chart that hits well And Which can be implemented quickly, Foreign Minister Amund Fick answers on DinSide.

– With the measures that have been introduced, the government wants to help families that have unusually high electricity costs. We are now working to quickly implement the scheme, so that families can be compensated in the January bill, he continues.

– The vast majority of Norwegian electricity customers do not have fixed rate agreements, but there may still be some cases. We are now in the process of completing the scheme, so that it will serve its purpose as best as possible And Being in place to offset your January electric bill, winds up in you.

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