Electricity price – – pure fraud

Electricity price - - pure fraud

« Anyone have Voltbox?? Is this correct? asks a Facebook user.

‘You have to try it. Mandy and I use it. It really cuts electricity bills, “answers another. I use Voltbox. So far, very good “,” answers a third.

The Facebook page from which a screenshot is supposed to be taken, Dinside was unable to find it again.

Clean Shave Scam

And do you think grammar is a little American? Perhaps this is because the so-called Voltbox is not as cool as the product is called for websiteAccording to consumer attorney Thomas Iverson at the Consumer Council:

– Now that electricity prices are so high, there are many who want to earn a little from it. However, this product is a pure scam. This fund will neither reduce your electricity consumption nor your electric bill, warns Iversen Dinside.

A quick Google search shows that Voltbox is just unimportant stuff, he continues, noting:

If the proposition is too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, it takes a much tougher measure than putting a box in the socket to lower your electric bill.

Consumer attorney recommends those who fell into the trap and purchased Voltbox with a bank card to contact the bank and request that the money be returned to the card via Card Complaint.

If you paid by credit card, Section 54b of the Financial Contracts Act applies, which gives you the right to make financial claims for defective goods or services against the credit provider (mostly the bank), if the seller does not fulfill his obligations – read more about it she has.

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‘Electricity Company’s worst nightmare’

So, what exactly is Voltbox, according to the company itself?

On their website, they write that this is a new technology inspired by Nikola Tesla that will save consumers hundreds to thousands of kroner in electricity bills every year.

smarter: Instead of clicking into the Voltbox homepage in good faith, you should try one or more of these power saving tips. Remember that the cheapest power is always the power you don’t use. Video: Bert B. Sound: Embla Hjört Larsen. Cut Tobias Feldwang
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“Initially, it was confidential to most people, because it gave ordinary families the opportunity to save on their monthly energy costs,” they wrote.

“Voltbox is a compact, compact, affordable and easy-to-use add-on device that prevents unnecessary power from entering power cords and overloading the network. Voltbox is your power company’s worst nightmare. They tried to hide Voltbox from the average consumer, and even banned it in regular stores. ”

“Once you plug in the Voltbox, it’s up and running. In a few days, you’ll start using your energy efficiently, while allowing you to reap the benefits of a more robust lifecycle for your home appliances. In a short time, you’ll have earned what you originally paid for,” they promise more.

We are legitimate and legitimate

Dinside found a Voltbox NYC address, phone number, and email to contact customer service, so we emailed them.

Here you can see what Connie Customer Service responded to the fraud allegations:

Photo: screenshot

Photo: screenshot
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A few hours after we contacted Voltbox, their mailing address was suddenly moved to Kaunas, Lithuania, instead of to “luxury” New York.

Dinside has also asked Voltbox to help us find the Facebook page they’re referring to on the website, and we’ve asked to borrow a “magical” Voltbox to test it out to see if it’s actual It works – but that second query they “didn’t have a chance to help us with”.

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