Fear and Death on Solastranda: Book Review: Heine T. Bakkeid: «St. The Avenger »- VG

Fear and Death on Solastranda: Book Review: Heine T. Bakkeid: «St.  The Avenger »- VG
Fourth offense: Heine T. Packed is coming out with her fourth crime novel about ex-cop Thorkid Ask.
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Norwegian criminal writer Heine T. Be sure to write dialogues so that they look, but they also present a problem.


Heine was sold to 18 countries for his crime novels, and “St. The Avenger” is his fourth novel about ex-cop Thorkid Asci. When we meet him this time, he is sober and almost completely free from suicidal thoughts and other destructive impulses.

I got a 6 dice roll for this book!

Then it’s even worse with former teammate Simon Bergland.

It was found dead and unformed in the sand dunes of Solastranda. Or is it not Bergland? There were many who mysteriously disappeared that night over five years ago…

Asch, who was in Iceland when the event started, immediately sets the course for Stavanger. If Bergland is found, Aske sees an opportunity to find answers to ancient mysteries. and regain its lost glory.

Bergland himself contributed to Ask’s dismissal from his office in the FBI. In a catastrophic accident where the woman he loved was killed in a car accident.

Peel? Beckd was nominated for a Riverton Prize for this book

It’s Christmas soon. In Stavanger it snows and it rains. And no one wishes Thorkild Aske a merry Christmas or a welcome back. exactly the contrary. The exception is his old friend and psychiatrist Ulf Solstad, who himself struggles with ghosts from the past.

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Heine Baked is good in weather and wind between Melvin. It should also be honored for its tracking of a large group of characters.

Also, he can write dialogues to criticize.

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But the dialogues themselves pose a problem in the end. There is a lot of talk in this book. Aske talks to A, before he gets on the bus to B, and on the bus he calls C, and talks to C about D. Arriving at B, the two talk about K, before Aske stops at the police station for a quick chat with X. About Y. And so they swing and go side by side in a story that’s almost always taken for outside action.

Crime clichés also exist. The bad guy in a Finn hat who will convince the main character to drop the case. Stolen laptop with secret files no one should see. The revealing diary (with the missing page).

But about halfway through, the story has accelerated, and the actors are getting more and more straightforward.

Here are cops and detectives of all possible types and shades. Some are trying to find out what happened to Simon Bergland, others are doing their best to cover up all of that and so much more.

It all culminates in a Stavanger Police Christmas table that the reader will soon forget. Before Beckd put an end to Solastranda, that’s where it all began. Like I said, this is the book away from Thorkild Ash. Many readers have enough shelf space for one more.

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reviewed by: Ingvar Ambjørnsen

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