Elite Series, Bran | Hornland after landing:

Elite Series, Bran |  Hornland after landing:

Eric Hornland is well aware that he will join Bran at Obosligaen, but says he has no problems taking responsibility if the club’s management points him out.

Persistence Square (Nettavizen): July 19 this year I got kicked out by Kåre Ingebrigtsen Bran coach. Bergen then came second on the table with seven weak points after 14 games – three games more than Stabeek in last place.

After Eric Hornland took charge, Bergen’s side earned 19 points in the next 16 games – with none other than qualifying and eventually relegation to the Bundesliga.

A little over a month ago, while Brann was fighting ferociously against the specter of relegation, the club opted to sign a permanent agreement with Hornland until the 2023 season.

Hornland is ready to join

Hornland intends to abide by this agreement, unless management believes that he is no longer the man for the job. The former Haugesund and Rosenborg coach is basically determined to join Obosliga next season.

If the club wants me to do it, of course I do it. If someone thinks I should take responsibility, Hornland tells Nettavisen, I have no problem taking responsibility either.

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He is aware that another day of the week awaits next season as Bran will play against clubs such as Stjørdals-Blink, Grorud and Raufoss in Obosligaen.

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It means more difficult times financially and in terms of benefits. Bran is a big club, so there is a huge impact on those who work here, the players, the support staff and the managers. Then we’ll see if the club, players and support staff have the ability to respond harshly, Hornland says.

Search: – There is only one goal next season

Brann’s Bård Finne has no doubts that Brann will once again be straight at Eliteserien.

“We have many good footballers, and when you see how much we are making against one of the best teams that have played in that league this year, there is no doubt that there is only one goal for us next season,” Finne tells Nettavisen.

He is supported by his teammate Sivert Heltne Nilsen, who, however, understands that a solid work effort must be put in if Brann is to move straight again.

It’s about rebuilding the club and coming back stronger, because we have to. I have faith we’ll make it, but it takes hard work, Hilten Nielsen tells NetVision.

Chairman of the Board: – Cruel

Bran Chairman Berger Grefstad was very disappointed when he met Netavisen after the relegation was a reality.

– It is horrible. I am sad and sorry. I thought we had a chance today. We played well, but that’s how it is now. We have faced many adversities this year. There were accidents that meant we always had to fight with our backs to the wall. Grevestad tells Netavisen that he is desperate.

– What is the main reason for Bran to finish in Obosligaen 2022?

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– What should I answer that? We got too few points, played bad football…we lost regular matches against the bottom teams, says the chairman.

Despite a strong slowdown on Wednesday, Grevstad is offensive with the goal of continuing.

– Now we’ll go through the budgets and get these things in the field. He says we have to make sure we get up again over the next year.

He is not sure what changes will appear in the team until next season, but he does not rule out that there will be some.

– I don’t know, but I hope most people will be on the way back again. It can be fun, says Grefstad.

Is there anything you’re immediately thinking about right now that you should have done differently this season?

– No, not right away. It becomes difficult and wrong to say anything about her now. I am sad and very sad. I’m sorry to all the people from Bergen who support us and all those who love Sports Club Brann. I think it’s a tough day.

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Johansson: – The year cannot be summed up tonight

asked by BT Whether club management should wait too long to dismiss Kåre Ingebrigtsen earlier this year, Grevstad answers:

– I can’t comment on that now, says Grevstad. And he insists it was right to appoint Eric Hornland to a longer contract earlier this year.

General Manager Vibeki Johansson was also questioned with a number of important questions in the press area after the match.

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After being asked about the artificial turf issue, in which she and the board were defeated, about the dismissal of Ron Saltvedt, the appointment of Jimmy Nagel Jacobsen, and the timing of Kåre Ingebrigtsen’s dismissal, the general manager said:

I don’t want to go into details on individual cases. I can’t sum up the whole year tonight. There is a bunch of deep disappointment in the locker room. I need to take care of employees who are going through hard times.

Johansson will not think about his future at the club.

– I’m interested in what’s best for the club. I will discuss this with the board. It is up to the board of directors to consider whether they want a new Managing Director. It’s not something I would discuss with you here and now, Johansen said.

Already on Thursday, the table was set for the board meeting in Bran.

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