Emilie Voe Nereng never performed “The Farm” again

Emilie Voe Nereng never performed “The Farm” again

The third week of “Farmen kjendis” is in full swing, and one of the participants that TV viewers had the opportunity to get to know better is Emily Foy Neering (28 years old).

Nering was one of Norway's most popular bloggers in 2009, and has since distinguished himself as a food influencer. She is now relevant in the leading program “Farmen kendis” on TV 2.

– I lost 17 kilos

Although the program is shown on screen in winter, it was recorded at Li Farm this summer. When Se og Hør met with the participants during the press conference just before the first episode, everyone was able to get the whole thing remotely.

Nearing says one of the challenges she faced on “Farmen kendis” was having to deal with a lot of people.

-I don't have a job with many colleagues that I interact with every day. And then there was nowhere to go either, and you couldn't get away from the farm. It was a closed environment, and I think that was very demanding.

– it was hard

She admits that she found a safe haven in Bahari Viken (30 years old) and Sander “Randol” Ostad Dill (25 years old), and that she often wanted to talk to them. She stresses that these conversations weren't necessarily something she wanted to appear on television.

-So I went alone and cried a little, quite simply. I rarely get angry, but I get really anxious and upset. I think it is irrational to cry, there is no way out of it. But it was an outlet for my feelings, so I turned to it.

tears: Emily Foy Neering is overcome with emotions after a very private incident in “Farmen kjendis”. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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– Was there a specific reason for your anger?

– The general thing was that I realized, for example, that it would take a long time before I could talk to someone at home. I wanted to stay in competition for a long time, but that meant I had to be away. It was hard being away from my boyfriend, my friends and my dog ​​– I felt so homesick.

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Neering also witnessed her becoming the “quiet person” in the group, especially in the beginning. She explains that she struggled to take the floor in a group that included many strong personalities.

- Not just an actor

– Not just an actor

– I've become a calmer version of myself than I usually am, and these aren't necessarily the times you want to be on TV. I enjoy competitions and nature experiences, but in that environment I did not bring out my best. I think it was difficult to show off on TV, admits the 28-year-old.

– A little surprised

This particular tear-jerker was one of the things Neering wasn't looking forward to seeing on screen.

-I have no problem showing emotions this way, but I don't know if it's easy for people to understand why I cry. It's not easy to understand either, and I found it difficult to explain. I was homesick, and I didn't like to have arguments around me. Even if I'm not involved, I feel disturbed.

Bread Portal: The day just before the weekly task assessment, the bread is hidden in “Farmen kjendis” – raising temperatures on the farm. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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The famous food influencer explains that there are many challenges along the way on the “Celebrity Farm.” There were many people she described as different from her, and she didn't like being asked about those relationships all the time.

– And I got these questions simultaneously (the interviews with the participants that you see in the episodes, journ.anm.). There are many situations that you have to deal with with people who are completely different from them. I think I can get along with everyone in any daily situation, but once it's hard work and little food, little things will bother you. This is what the “farm” was built on. It wasn't a surprise, but I was a little surprised by how much it affected me.

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– Did you feel that the production tried to pull negative things out of you simultaneously?

-Both and…

Niering hesitates.

He explains: - Not consciously!

He explains: – Not consciously!

– I didn't get any bad questions, but you quickly noticed where they wanted to go. Every now and then, if you're feeling a little bored or don't have the energy or energy to answer well yourself, it's easy to say something you don't really mean. Or something you wouldn't say if you weren't tired. It was a challenge, one you could take advantage of – in a chill – if you were tired.

Will not participate again

She also explains that the same thing never happened when she participated in “Kompani Lauritzen”, which is also broadcast on TV 2.

– They never asked questions about other participants, or wanted you to talk when you were tired. At the Farm you were quickly taken aside when they saw you were tired, with questions about if something was wrong. It's a completely different program to be a part of.

Very important: The reaction of the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority and “sour mothers” to “Farmen kendis” – the subject of Christian Brynhovd's documentary of the operations he carried out in Turkey before Christmas. Video: Red Runner
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Neering admits that she thought there was a lot that was good about the production, but that we weren't necessarily tempted to repeat it.

– Maybe others enjoy the social aspect more than me, while I enjoy the competitive aspect. “Company Lauritzen” and “71 Degrees North” I could easily have done it again, it was “The Farm” that I didn't do again, she says.

Se og Hør has been in contact with TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, who denied that the production had deliberately chosen to speak to participants who looked tired.

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-I regret it very much

-I regret it very much

– In “The Farm” we try to tell about the participant’s experience. This means that the production tries to speak to the participants in all kinds of situations, whether when they are having good days or when they are having difficult days. The former is no less important than the latter.

– Participants are different

– Is the production trying to make the participants in “Farmen Kendis” say negative things simultaneously?

– no. They don't. But in such interviews they are interested in learning about their relationship, without any desire to make them say negative things. This season has a very nice group that almost exclusively speaks positively about each other. We are very happy about that.

The full argument: After going off badly in the first week of “Farmen kjendis”, things escalated between Bahare Viken and Cristian Brennhovd. And that's how it went when we invited them to resolve the conflict. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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Moreover, Dahl rejects the existence of a bad atmosphere among the participants. He describes recording “Farmen kjendis” as stressful, and believes things will sometimes get heated between the participants.

He's fully aware that Nearing can't imagine participating in the program again – and explains that participation isn't expected to be to everyone's liking.

Cleavage naked yet

Naked cleavage after “Farmen kendis”

-Participants are different and have different experiences of being part of a program like this. While some participants highlight their weeks at The Farmer as some of the best they have ever had, other participants believe the stay at the farm was difficult and challenging. Of course, it's perfectly fine to be honest about this and put it into words. We're really happy to have Emily with us this season.

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