Emily Inger Meehl is Swifty:

Emily Inger Meehl is Swifty:

Emily Inger Meehl, 30, made many people open their eyes when she showed up at Taylor Swift's concert in Stockholm about two weeks ago.

The Justice Minister wore a short pink dress and said he would be in the “era of lovers” – which is based on the style Swift took during the album of the same name.

– It goes to what I want

The outfit got the comments section of Mehl's Instagram boiling. The politician is receiving a mix of reactions in the comments section, both positive and negative.

“I love that we have a Swiftie Attorney General set,” one user wrote, followed by a heart.

“You're so amazing, Emily. So good to see you're living life in your free time and you deserve it,” another wrote.

“Do you have more hidden talents?” asks a third user.

excavations: Emilie Enger Mehl is a guest on TV 2's Christmas Calendar – and quickly finds the tone with presenter Asbjørn. Video: Red Runner/TV 2 Play
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“You're the Minister of Justice. Don't act like a pop girl. I like seriousness. Sorry. You've completely lost my respect,” one user fumed.

“Could it be necessary to be a Swiftie to become Minister of Justice?” a fifth user joked.

When Dagbladet meets Mehl during the premiere of “The Young Woman and the Sea” at Gimli Kino, she is asked about the reactions she has received to the photo.

- I'm a bit old-fashioned

– I'm a bit old-fashioned

– I was at work, so I didn't have much time to think about it. But you have to dress for the occasion, right? She led the “Age of Lovers.” This is the vibe I'm riding right now. It was nice, she says, smiling.

What's more, the 30-year-old can say that she thought the party was totally rough.

Presidential election: This year's Super Bowl was reportedly rigged so Taylor Swift could promote Joe Biden as a presidential candidate.

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-You really inspired me. She's a strong woman, and it's absolutely amazing how she manages to perform 3.5 hour concerts for days on end. It was a fun experience with friends.

-So you've become a Swiftie? asks the site below.

-I became Swifty that Saturday, if I wasn't already. I am without a doubt.

It created a storm: - I would do it again

It created a storm: – I would do it again

She didn't go to the concert alone. With her were Jacob Stordalen (27 years old), Emilie Stordalen (32 years old), Henrik Stordalen (29 years old), and VGTV profiles of Morten Hegseth (38 years old) and Vegard Harm (28 years old). VG.

It may seem that Swift's concert added flavor.

A 23-year-old woman died after a Taylor Swift concert. The pop star was devastated by death. Reporter: Mia Ingenis Pratley. Video: AP/X
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– There may be some festivals this summer, but we'll see. I take it as it comes. Parliament will be suspended in July anyway, but I haven't gotten that far in planning. Now I'm busy dealing with big cases. We had the revised national budget for the country recently, which was great. I concluded that there is a lot of work leading up to the summer.

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