Emily Nearing, Poetry | Emily Nearing made an unusual choice: her fiancé encouraged her

Emily Nearing, Poetry |  Emily Nearing made an unusual choice: her fiancé encouraged her

For nearly 15 years, Emily Nering (28) has been one of Norway's top bloggers – in other words, she's been in the spotlight for a number of years. In recent years, I've seen a lot of blondies on social media as food flu.

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But now the 28-year-old, who is currently appearing in the new season of Celebrity Farm, has made an unusual choice and changed his look.

“I thought about it for a long time,” Neering says about changing to Netavicin.

-I try not to care what people think

On Monday afternoon, Neering made his Instagram debut and proudly showed off his newly dyed pink hair.

“I feel at home with this hair color,” Nereng wrote in an Instagram Story.

Neering is no doubt satisfied with the result:

-I really like pink, so I thought it would be fun to have pink hair. “I'm very satisfied,” she told Nettavisen, adding that she's excited about how long the color will last.

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She goes on to say that her new hair color has given her a lot in a short time, and she does not hide that she feels more freedom as a result of the hairstyle.

– I'm trying more and more not to care too much about what people think, and just do what I think is fun. It's a bit about prioritizing and doing things that you feel give value or a sense of freedom, she continues:

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-I'm also at a point in my life where I'm very confident in myself, I know what I want and I'm worried about being true to my values. One of those values ​​is that I view life as completely sacred and full of possibilities, and I value my freedom very much.

Neering isn't the only one happy with the new weld. She says she has received a lot of positive feedback in a short time, and hopes to inspire others:

“It shows that people appreciate when people make slightly different choices, whether it's clothing style, hair style or career choice, as people find it inspiring,” she says of the reactions.

– It's fun to dare to do something different, and I think it's a very positive thing to be able to get some comments and likes on it. She adds: Because this can give you more diversity in your appearance and behavior.

Received an invitation

As mentioned, pink hair has been on Neering's agenda for several years, but there's still nothing that has put a stop to it.

But just before Christmas, she received another reminder when her fiancé, Michael Hanson, 33, made the smallest request ever:

-Actually he was the one who reminded me that I should do it. He asked me before Christmas: “Shouldn't you have pink hair?” And then I started thinking more about it, she says with a laugh.

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She goes on to say that pink hair suits her fiancé very well. But she doesn't think Hanson will follow her example and take inspiration from the pink mane.

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– He thinks it's all mine, the hair has turned out exactly as he had hoped.

However, this is not the first time that the 28-year-old has dyed her blonde hair in favor of pink, but the first time that she has removed it “completely”:

– I got some pink streaks in my hair in 2021, but after that I was afraid it would look like too many. Then it seemed like only a week, and then I learned that I had to go all out if I was going to have pink hair.

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