Emma Crookdale: – So, wedding plans are on the ice

Emma Crookdale: - So, wedding plans are on the ice

In January last year confirmed Norwegian Emma Crookdahl (25) To Dagbladet which she had I found happiness with Swedish Hollywood star Dolph Lundgren (63).

Five months later, the couple was also able to share the good news they received The relationship took a step forward and got engaged. Lundgren confirmed this with a photo of him and his girlfriend, in which you can clearly see the diamond ring on Crookdale’s hand.

When Dagbladet talks to her now, she can reveal that wedding planning has been put on hold – but not forever.

Wedding plans have been shelved until the Corona time is completely over. I think Dolph has some ideas about where we should get, she says, and reveals that the couple wants to have a summer wedding.

– So maybe next summer? I have no idea where or how to plan a wedding, so I’m letting go of the responsibility for a bit, haha, carry on.

Despite the fact that she, like most others, has been affected by corona, Crookdale says things are slowly but surely starting to improve again.

Traveling is getting more and more difficult these days, but we were lucky and had the chance to see family and friends again. We’ve been in LA for 14 months because of corona, and it’s been really cool, but now we’re ready for more time in Europe, she says.

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Finally got to meet the family

The pair still live in Los Angeles, but are currently in London – where they will be mostly during the fall due to film projects.

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— But maybe we’ll always have a base in Los Angeles, she adds.

– What have you been doing recently?

– We left Los Angeles a month ago after finally finishing a movie directed by Dolph. Then we took a week-long trip to Sweden to meet Dolph’s family and my parents who met us there, she explains and continues:

– Then we went to Norway for a short trip to greet my relatives. It was so good that I haven’t been home in two years. Now it’s very nice to be a little closer to home in the next few months, and we probably wish we could get some more trips to Scandinavia.

Working with Khatib

Since wedding plans have been set a bit aside for now, that doesn’t mean Crookdale is on the slow side for this reason.

– We and I work with slightly different projects. First and foremost, I’m working on a couple of movie sets with Dolph this fall as trainer, tilt coach, and assistant. I’ve learned an incredible amount from taking part in different projects, and I really love the creative side of filmmaking, she says.

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The Norwegian is also likely to be the producer of a movie that Lundgren will be directing after the new year.

– So we’re working on that scenario now, she says.

Crookdale goes on to say that she or she enjoys life and lives in the present moment, at the same time that she takes things as they come.

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No need to prove anything

When it became known last year that the duo became a couple, it got a lot of attention, especially for them There is a 38-year age difference between the two.

At the time, Crookdale told Dagbladet that comments on the relationship have differed.

– Everything from family, friends and acquaintances was actually incredibly nice. I was a bit worried about it at first, so I was surprised at how good the comments we got. She said it was more passive than strangers, but also some supportive and positive compliments, which I appreciate.

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She didn’t hide the fact that she was willing to react to the age difference between them, and thus thought it wasn’t shocking when it actually happened.

– I understand very well that people think what they think, so there is not much more to say to me. People will have their opinions anyway, and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Dolph and I had an incredibly good time together, and someone commenting something negative wouldn’t change that, she continued.

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